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Regency Portraits Catalogue

William Wellesley-Pole, 3rd Earl of Mornington (1763-1845), Conservative politician; MP for Trim, East Looe and Queen's County

Gouache drawing by Daniel Gardner at Badminton, half-length as a boy aged 13.

Oil by Benjamin West at Cefntilla Court, Usk (Lord Raglan), three-quarter-length signed and dated 1777 (John Steegman, A Survey of Portraits in Welsh Houses, II, p 126).

Miniature by Plimer at Madresfield Court, reproduced Country Life Annual Christmas 1952, p 86.

Oil by Hoppner at Stratfield Saye, head and shoulders as a young man with powdered hair, exhibited Second Exhibition of National Portraits, South Kensington, 1867 (754).

As the Rt Hon William Wellesley-Pole, Tory MP for East Looe, he might be expected to appear on the Government side in Hickel's 'House of Commons', NPG 745.

Bust by Nollekens (NPG 5060).

Oil by Owen exhibited RA 1813 (121) known from Picart's stipple engraving, published Cadell & Davies 1815.

Oil by unknown artist at Stratfield Saye, head and shoulders to left in dark coat, white waistcoat, dark neckcloth, white hair.

Pencil and wash drawing by Wivell in Earl of Crawford and Balcarres collection, head and shoulders signed and dated 1821.

Medallion by Pistrucci in British Museum (Laurence Brown, British Historical Medals, 1980, 1211).

Oil by unknown artist at Apsley House (29), head and shoulders in dark suit to left.

Oil by unknown artist at Admiralty House (dining-room), head and shoulders to left in dark brown coat and blue knotted tie.

Miniature by Cosway at Southwood House (Williamson, p 127).

This extended catalogue entry is from the out-of-print National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: Richard Walker, Regency Portraits, National Portrait Gallery, 1985, and is as published then. For the most up-to-date details on individual Collection works, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text.