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Early Victorian Portraits Catalogue

William Mulready (1786-1863), Painter and illustrator

This does not include photographs, of which there are several examples in the NPG.

'Students at the British Institution', water-colour by A. E. Chalon. British Museum.

'The Refusal' by Sir D. Wilkie (Mulready is portrayed as Duncan Gray). Victoria and Albert Museum.
Exhibited RA, 1814 (118), reproduced Lord R. Gower, Wilkie (1902), facing p 42. Reduced version of 1819: collection of G. Thomson, 1902. An unrelated profile drawing of Mulready by Wilkie is also in the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Drawing by P. Mulready. Probably that exhibited SKM, 1868 (552), where it is described as a self portrait drawing. Engraved by J. H. Robinson for J. Pye, Patronage of British Art (1845), p 342.

Bust by C. Moore. Exhibited RA, 1831 (1220). Listed by W. G. Strickland, Dictionary of Irish Artists (1913), II, 124. Presumably the bust by Moore, dated 1830, in the Crystal Palace Collection, 1854.

Painting by J. Linnell (NPG 1690).

Painting by himself (NPG 4450).

Lithograph by V. Brooks, after a drawing by himself (example in NPG). Reproduced as a woodcut ILN, VII (1845), 29.

Drawing by T. Bridgford. National Gallery of Ireland. Exhibited RA, 1842 (986).

Drawing by C. Martin. British Museum. Exhibited Dublin Exhibition, 1872, 'Portraits' (433). Lithographed anonymously, lithograph reproduced Fine Arts Quarterly Review, I, 380.

Painting by M. Mulready. Exhibited RA, 1844 (490).

Drawing by C. H. Lear (NPG 1456(22)).

Drawing by C. B. Birch (NPG 2473).

Drawing by C. W. Cope (NPG 3182(5)).

Etching by C. W. Cope (example in NPG), exhibited RA, 1864 (843).

Woodcut, after a photograph by Cundall and Downes, published ILN, XLIII (1863), 93. A painting in the National Gallery of Ireland, formerly called a self-portrait, appears to be after the same photograph.

Marble bust by H. Weekes. Tate Gallery. Exhibited RA, 1866 (896).

Medal issued by the Art Union (example in NPG); probably the medal-type by G. G. Adams exhibited RA, 1877 (1534).

Painting by F. B. Barwell. Victoria and Albert Museum. Exhibited Dublin Exhibition, 1872, 'Portraits' (251).

Painting by Sir A. Callcott. Reproduced J. C. Horsley, Recollections of a Royal Academician (1903), facing p 18, in whose collection it then was.

Drawing by himself. Reproduced Art Journal (1899), p 65.

Anonymous woodcut (example in NPG).

This extended catalogue entry is from the out-of-print National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: Richard Ormond, Early Victorian Portraits, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1973, and is as published then. For the most up-to-date details on individual Collection works, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text.