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Early Victorian Portraits Catalogue

Henry Pelham Fiennes Pelham-Clinton, 5th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne (1811-1864), Politician; MP for several constituencies

The following portraits, either in, or formerly in, the Duke of Newcastle's collection, are listed in the Clumber House Catalogue (1923); painting by H. N. O'Neil, now on loan to Keele Hall, Clumber (209); painting by H. W. Phillips, sold Christie's, 4 June 1937 (lot 71), exhibited RA, 1863 (471), Clumber (123); drawing by G. Richmond of 1856, now on loan to NPG (NPG 4023), listed in the artist's 'Account Book' (photostat copy, NPG archives), p 65, exhibited VE, 1892 (344), Clumber (355); painting by G. F. Watts of 1864, sold Christie's, 7 July 1967 (lot 108), and Bonham's, 4 April 1968 (lot 204), exhibited SKM, 1868 (452), and VE, 1892 (970, Clumber (225); drawing by J. Hayter of 1836 (Clumber 393); various water-colours by J. Simpson of 1855-9, Clumber (394); two marble busts by J. Nollekens and L. Macdonald (Clumber 2512 and 2517).
The 5th Duke of Newcastle appears in 'Lady Waldegrave's Salon at Strawberry Hill, 1865' by L. Desanges, formerly in the collection of the Earl of Waldegrave, who also owned a bust of him by M. Noble, possibly one of the two exhibited RA, 1858 (1278), and 1859 (1288); Newcastle also appears in 'On the Heights near Boulogne, 1854' by F. dePrades, sold Sotheby's, 3 April 1968 (lot 77), exhibited RA, 1857 (1122); a painting by A. W. Cox is in the Castle Museum and Art Gallery, Nottingham; a drawing by G. Richmond is listed in his 'Account Book' (photostat copy, NPG archives), p 29, under 1841, engraved by F. C. Lewis (example in NPG), for the 'Grillions Club' series; two caricature drawings by J. Doyle are in the British Museum; various busts and reliefs are in the Gladstone Collection at Hawarden; busts by P. Park (marble), A. Munro, J. Durham and W. G. Coutts were exhibited RA, 1836 (1101), 1864 (907), 1866 (867), and 1867 (1183), respectively; an engraving by G. Zobel, after Sir J. Watson Gordon, was published Colnaghi, 1864 (example in NPG); there is an anonymous lithograph (example in NPG) a woodcut was published ILN, VIII (1846), 129, and woodcuts after photographs ILN, XXXVII (1860), 575, and XLII (1863), 400, and Illustrated Times, 14 February 1857.

This extended catalogue entry is from the out-of-print National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: Richard Ormond, Early Victorian Portraits, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1973, and is as published then. For the most up-to-date details on individual Collection works, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text.