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Early Victorian Portraits Catalogue

John Henry Newman (1801-1890), Cardinal and theologian

This does not include photographs, of which there are several examples in the NPG; others are reproduced Bookman, XXVI (May 1904), 45-57. The portraits at Oxford are listed by Mrs R L. Poole, Catalogue of Oxford Portraits, 3 vols (1912-25).

As a child
Miniature called Newman by an unknown artist. Collection of the Rev T. D. S. Bayley.

Drawing by Miss M. Giberne, with T. Mozley and R. H. Froude (photograph at Oriel College, Oxford).
Miss Giberne also executed a drawing of Newman with his family, reproduced Art Journal (1890), p 316. Both drawings were once apparently in the collection of the Newman family.

Painting by Miss M. Giberne. Reproduced M. Ward, Young Mr Newman (1948), frontispiece.

Caricature drawing by J. R. Green (when vicar of St Mary's). Truro Cathedral. Anonymously etched (example in NPG). A similar etching is in the British Museum. Related woodcut published ILN, V (1844), 45.

Marble bust by R. Westmacott. Collection of W. H. Mozley, 1891. Exhibited RA, 1841 (1342). Reproduced Letters and Correspondence of John Henry Newman, edited A. Mozley (1891), I, frontispiece. Engraved by W. Humphreys, after a drawing of the bust by J. Bridges, published Wyatt and Son, 1844 (example in NPG).

Drawing by G. Richmond. Oriel College, Oxford.
Listed in Richmond's 'Account Book' (photostat copy, NPG archives), p 37, under 1844. Exhibited VE, 1892 (384). Anonymously engraved with variant collar, published T. McLean, 1856 (example in British Museum). Study (NPG 1065).

Miniature by Sir W. C. Ross. Christie's, 2 May 1961 (lot 193), bought Francis (ex-collection of Lord Aldenham). Exhibited VE, 1892 (455), where it is said to have been painted in 1847, and International Exhibition, Brussels, 1912. Engraved by R. Woodman (example in NPG). Water-colour study (dated 1845): Keble College, Oxford, exhibited VE, 1892 (363), reproduced Dr Bell, The English Church (1942).

Painting by Miss M. Giberne (with Ambrose St John in Rome). Birmingham Oratory.
Reproduced R. Sencourt, The Life of Newman, (1948), facing p 148.

Lithograph by J. A. Vinter, after a drawing by Miss M. R. Giberne, published Powell & Co, Birmingham, 1850 (example in NPG).

Anonymous caricature engraving (example in NPG).

'Newman Lecturing' by Miss M. Giberne. Birmingham Oratory.
Reproduced L. M. Trevor, Newman: the Pillar of the Cloud (1962), facing p 307.

Marble bust by T. Woolner. Keble College, Oxford.
Exhibited RA, 1867 (1035). Reproduced Burlington Magazine, XCV (1953), 243. A letter of 9 June 1866 from Newman to Woolner, arranging a sitting, is quoted by A. Woolner, Thomas Woolner: His Life in Letters (1917), p 272. Plaster casts: Trinity College, Cambridge, and NPG (see NPG 1668).

Painting by W. T. Roden. Keble College, Oxford.
Exhibited RA, 1874 (143). Reproduced Mrs Poole, Oxford Portraits, III, plate XXIII. A replica by Roden of 1879 is in the City Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham (plate 671), and another version in the Manchester City Art Gallery.

Painting by G. Molinari. Collection of A. Slade, 1939.

Drawing by Lady Coleridge. Exhibited RA, 1875 (1069).
Probably the drawing reproduced L. M. Trevor, Newman: Light in Winter (1962), frontispiece.

Lithograph by 'Spy' (Sir L. Ward), published Vanity Fair, 20 January 1877 (example in NPG).

Drawing by Lady Coleridge. Exhibited RA, 1877 (1266).
Either this or the drawing of c1875 was engraved by S. Cousins, published Colnaghi, 1880 (example in NPG).

Lithograph by AS, published The Whitehall Review, 10 May 1879.

Painting by W. W. Ouless. Oriel College, Oxford.
Exhibited RA, 1880 (438). Repainted in 1881. Reproduced L. Bouyer, Newman: His Life and Spirituality (1958), frontispiece. Etched by P. Rajon (example in NPG). Another version by Ouless (head and shoulders only) is at the Birmingham Oratory, reproduced A Tribute to Newman: Essays on Aspects of His Life and Thought, edited M. Tierney and others (1945), frontispiece. A copy by Mrs B. Johnson is at Trinity College, Oxford.

Painting by Sir J. E. Millais. Collection of the Duke of Norfolk.
Exhibited RA, 1882 (1514), and VE, 1892 (218). Reproduced J. G. Millais, Life and Letters of Sir John E. Millais (1899), II, 115. Engraved by T. O. Barlow, published Agnew, 1884 (example in NPG), engraving exhibited RA, 1884 (1408). Copy by A. de Brie: Keble College, Oxford.

Terra-cotta bust by M. Raggi. Exhibited RA, 1881 (1483).

Painting by E. Jennings, after a photograph of 1879. Magdalen College, Oxford.

Marble bust by F. Verheyden. Exhibited RA, 1883 (1526).

Drawing by Miss E. Deane. English College, Rome (see NPG 1022).

Drawing by Miss E. Hallé. Royal Collection, Windsor. Exhibited RA, 1886 (1505).
A bronze medal by the same artist was exhibited RA, 1887 (1921).

Etching by H. R. Robertson. Exhibited RA, 1885 (1597).

Painting by Miss E. Deane. The Oratory, Birmingham (see NPG 1022).

Drawing by Miss E. Deane. Formerly collection of the artist (see NPG 1022).

Painting by Miss E. Deane (see NPG 1022).

Bust by Sir T. Farrell. University Chapel, Dublin.
Exhibited Royal Hibernian Academy, 1892.

Statuette by W. Tyler. Exhibited RA, 1892 (1931).

Marble statue by L. J. Chavalliaud. Brompton Oratory, London.
Reproduced Magazine of Art (1896), p 463.

Statue by H. Pegram. Oriel College, Oxford.
Model exhibited RA, 1912 (1782).

Bronze bust by A. Broadbent (part of a memorial). Trinity College, Oxford. Exhibited RA, 1915 (1848).

Painting by D. Woodlock, possibly after a photograph by Barraud (example in NPG). Collection of E. F. Mahoney, 1912. Exhibited Franco-British Exhibition, 1908.

Painting by A. R. Venables. Collection of the Earl of Denbigh, Newnham Paddox, 1907.
Exhibited Brighton Loan Exhibition, 1884 (267). Reproduced A. D. Culler, The Imperial Intellect frontispiece.

Design for a Monument by F. Derwent Wood. Victoria and Albert Museum.

Drawing by H. Doyle, and a drawing by R. Doyle. The Oratory, Birmingham.
Both reproduced A. D. Culler, The Imperial Intellect (1955), facing p 140.

Terra-cotta bust by an unnamed artist. Collection of Miss Draper, 1937.

Engraving by J. Brown. Reproduced Bookman, XXVI (1904), 50.

Etching by A. Legros (example in the collection of Cyril Fry).

This extended catalogue entry is from the out-of-print National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: Richard Ormond, Early Victorian Portraits, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1973, and is as published then. For the most up-to-date details on individual Collection works, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text.