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Early Victorian Portraits Catalogue

Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston (1784-1865), Prime Minister

This does not include photographs (various examples in the NPG), or political caricatures (for caricatures by J. Doyle, see L. Binyon, Catalogue of Drawings in the British Museum (1900), II).

Miniature by L. Read. Collection of Mrs Baumer.

Painting by an unknown artist (with his sister, painted at Munich). Collection of Earl Mountbatten, Broadlands. Reproduced P. Guedalla, Palmerston (1926), facing p 6.

Water-colours by T.Heaphy (see NPG 751).

Drawing by H. Edridge. Collection of Mrs Baumer.

Painting by Sir T. Lawrence (unfinished). Earl Mountbatten, Broadlands. Reproduced Guedalla, facing p 102.

Painting by J. Lucas. Exhibited RA, 1829 (60).
Engraved by H. Cook, published Fisher, 1833 (example in NPG), for Jerdan's 'National Portrait Gallery'.

Marble bust and plaster cast by R. C. Lucas. Earl Mountbatten, Broadlands.

'The House of Commons, 1833' by Sir G. Hayter (NPG 54).
Study of Palmerston: Earl Mountbatten, Broadlands, reproduced Guadella, facing p 178.

Miniature by R. Stothard. Exhibited RA, 1835 (765).

'Queen Victoria's First Council' by Sir D. Wilkie. Royal Collection, Windsor.
Exhibited RA, 1838 (60). Engraved by C. Fox, published F. G. Moon, 1839 (example in British Museum).

Miniature by Sir W. C. Ross. Earl Mountbatten, Broadlands.
Exhibited RA, 1838 (864); lithographed by J. S. Templeton, published T. McLean, 1840 (example in NPG). Another version of this was offered to the NPG, 1955. Copy by the Duke of Casarano: Ilchester Collection.

Lithograph by J. Doyle (on horseback), published T. McLean, 1841.
Reproduced Guedalla, facing p 236.

'The Homage', miniature by Sir W. J. Newton. Exhibited RA, 1841 (839).

Marble bust by T. Sharp. Earl Mountbatten, Broadlands.
Exhibited RA, 1844 (1314).

'The Fine Arts Commissioners, 1846' by J. Partridge (NPG 342).
Study (NPG 1025).

Bust by C. Moore. Crystal Palace Portrait Collection, 1854.
Possibly the bust by Moore exhibited RA, 1848 (1436), and possibly that exhibited Royal Hibernian Academy, 1853.

Painting by J. Partridge. Earl Mountbatten, on loan to the Department of the Environment. Exhibited SKM, 1868 (456).

Marble bust by E. B. Stephens. Avenue Palmerston, Ciudad Rodrigo, presented by Lady Mountbatten.
Presumably the bust exhibited RA, 1851 (1329).

Wax relief by R. C. Lucas (see NPG 2226).

Marble bust by R. C. Lucas. Exhibited RA, 1851 (1373).

'The Coalition Ministry' by Sir J. Gilbert (NPG 1125).

Engraving by F. Holl, after a drawing by G. Richmond of 1852, published Colnaghi, 1855 (example in NPG). The original drawing is possibly that in the collection of Mrs Baumer.

Painting by F. Cruikshank (speaking in the House of Commons). Earl Mountbatten, Broadlands, on loan to the Department of the Environment. Engraved G. Zobel, published Brooker, 1861 (example in British Museum). Oil study: Earl Mountbatten, on loan to the NPG (3953); copy of this study Rosebery Sale, Christie's, 5 May 1939 (lot 35).

Wax relief by R. C. Lucas (NPG 2226).

'The Marriage of the Princess Royal' by J. Phillip. Royal Collection.

Marble statuette by R. C. Lucas. Exhibited RA, 1859 (1240).

'The House of Commons in 1860' by J. Phillip. Houses of Parliament.
Exhibited VE, 1892 (142). Engraved by T. O. Barlow, published Agnew, 1866 (example in NPG).

'Bright Reform Bomb, 1860’ by G. Cruikshank. Houses of Parliament.
Etched key, published W. Tweedie, 1861 (example in Houses of Parliament).

Marble bust by M. Noble. Reform Club, London.
Probably the bust exhibited RA, 1861 (1024). Other versions: House of Commons, and Trinity House, London. A plaster model by Noble, apparently related to this type, was at Elswick Hall, Newcastle, listed in Catalogue of Lough and Noble Models at Elswick Hall (c.1928), p 54 (179).

Bust by J. E. Jones. Exhibited RA, 1861 (1094).

Painting by Sir F. Grant. Foreign Office, London.
Reproduced W. B. Pemberton, Lord Palmerston (1954), facing p 228. Engraved by F. Holland and G. Zobel, published H. Graves & Co, 1865 (example in NPG).

Painting by E. B. Morris (as Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports). Town Hall, Dover.
Exhibited RA, 1863 (612). Possibly related to the engraving by F. Bacon, after a portrait by Morris, published Morris, 1864 (example in British Museum). Head and shoulders version (oval): Earl Mountbatten, Broadlands.

'Marriage of the Prince of Wales' by W. P. Frith. Royal Collection, Windsor.
Exhibited RA, 1865 (52). Engraved by W. H. Simmons, published H. Graves, 1870 (example in NPG).

Painting by W. T. Roden. Town Hall, Tiverton. Exhibited RA, 1863 (330).

Marble bust by E. G. Papworth junior. Exhibited RA, 1864 (913).

Painting by H. Barraud (on horseback, in front of the House of Commons). Earl Mountbatten, Broadlands. Reproduced Guedalla, facing p 452.

Caricature bronze statuette by Depinez (with Napoleon III). Foreign Office, on loan from Earl Mountbatten.

Death-mask by R. Jackson. Example formerly in Hutton collection.
Reproduced L. Hutton, Portraits in Plaster (1894), p 175.

Statue (in garter robes) by R. Jackson (based on a death-mask). Westminster Abbey.
Reproduced as a woodcut ILN, LVII (1870), 76.

Painting by M. Claxton (after a photograph). Offered to NPG, 1870.

Lithograph by J. A. Vinter, after G. H. Thomas, published Day & Son, 1865 (example in NPG).

Painting by J. Lucas (as Master of Trinity House). Trinity House, London.
Three studies of Lord Palmerston were sold at the Lucas Sale, Christie's, 25 February 1875. One of these was a half-length copy of the 1829 portrait (probably lot 15), and another was a bust-size oval copy of the same (lot 19). They were finished in 1868 (see A. Lucas, John Lucas (1910), p 110). The last study (probably lot 30) relates to the 1866 portrait, and is now at Broadlands. The Trinity House portrait has in the past been attributed erroneously to H. W. Pickersgill.

Bust by J. Edwards. Tiverton Town Hall.

Bronze statue by M. Noble. Romsey, Hants.
Reproduced as a woodcut ILN, LIII (1868), 81.

Bust by G. G. Adams. Exhibited RA, 1867 (1134).

Bust by J. Durham. Guildhall Museum, London (destroyed 1940).
Exhibited RA, 1867 (1058).

Bronze statuette by N. Roskell. Exhibited RA, 1867 (1116).

Model for a recumbent statue by T. Sharp. Exhibited RA, 1867 (1090).

Marble statue by T. Sharp. Palmerston Park, Southampton.
Exhibited RA, 1868 (1002).

Bust by R. Jackson. Harrow School.

Marble bust by E. B. Stephens. Exhibited RA, 1872 (1537).

Painting by Sir F. Grant. Exhibited RA, 1874 (115).

Bronze statue by T. Woolner. Parliament Square, London.

Painting by H. W. Pickersgill. Offered to NPG, 1937.

Painting by L. C. Dickinson (after a photograph). Reform Club, London.

Painting by an unknown artist. St John's College, Cambridge.

Painting by an unknown artist (with members of his cabinet). Christie's, 6 March 1970 (lot 140), bought Steel.

Painting called Palmerston attributed to F. X. Winterhalter. Collection of G. F. C. Hauswald, 1948.

Painting called Palmerston attributed to J. Linnell. Collection of E. Dexter, c.1900.

Drawing by W. Walker. NPG, reference collection.

Drawing by G. Koberwein. Collection of Mrs Baumer.

Drawing called Palmerston attributed to G. Richmond. Collection of Lord Faringdon.

Miniature by W. Essex (based on a photograph of Palmerston in old age). Christie's, 15 October 1963 (lot 81), bought Singer.

Statue (in garter robes) by an unknown artist. Earl Mountbatten, Broadlands.
Possibly related to the statue by R. Jackson of 1865 (see above).

Bois durci medallion. Reproduced Connoisseur, CIV (1939), 190.

Anonymous lithograph (example in NPG).

This extended catalogue entry is from the out-of-print National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: Richard Ormond, Early Victorian Portraits, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1973, and is as published then. For the most up-to-date details on individual Collection works, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text.