Early Victorian Portraits Catalogue

Sir Robert Peel, 2nd Bt (1788-1850), Prime Minister

This does not include caricatures, or popular prints (examples in British Museum and NPG).

As a youth
Paintings called Peel, by an unknown artist (NPG 870), and attributed to Sir T. Lawrence, exhibited SKM, 1868 (386). Two miniatures by unknown artists were exhibited Portrait Miniatures, South Kensington Museum, 1865 (2220 and 2814).

Painting by an unknown artist. Collection of Earl Peel.

Painting by Sir T. Lawrence. Collection of Earl Peel.
Exhibited RA, 1826 (101), and VE, 1892 (20). Reproduced K. Garlick, Sir Thomas Lawrence plate 115. Engraved by C. Turner, published Colnaghi, 1828 (example in NPG); engraved by numerous other artists (examples in NPG and British Museum). There are several versions and copies of this painting.

Painting by P. C. Wonder (see NPG 795).

Anonymous etching, possibly after A. Buck, published 1829 (example in NPG).

'The House of Commons, 1833' by Sir G. Hayter (NPG 54).
Study of Peel: Hayter Sale, Christie's, 21 April 1871 (lot 477).

Marble bust by Sir F. Chantey. Collection of Earl Peel, bt. in at Robinson, Harding and Fisher, 6-7 December 1917 (lot 189), reproduced sale catalogue, facing p 18. Another marble version, dated 1835, is in the Royal Collection. Working drawing (NPG 316a). Engraving by A. R. Freebairn, after a gem by J. S. De Veaux, after Chantrey's bust (example in British Museum). A marble copy of the 1835 bust by J. Adams-Acton is in the National Liberal Club, London, and another by R. Glassby of 1896 in the Royal Collection.

Painting by J. Wood (executed for celebration dinner at Tamworth, 1835). Exhibited RA, 1836 (307). Engraved by W. Ward, published Graves & Co, 1836 (example in NPG).

'The Queen's First Council' by Sir D. Wilkie. Royal Collection.
Exhibited RA, 1838 (60). Engraved by C. Fox, published F. G. Moon, 1839 (example in British Museum).

Bronze medal by J. Ottley. Scottish NPG.

Paintings by J. Linnell (see NPG 772).

Lithograph by G. Yvedon (example in NPG).

Bust by A. Bienaimé. Formerly collection of W. Ketton-Cremer, Norfolk.

Engraving by F. Bromley, after J. D. Francis, published Welch and Gwynne, 1841 (example in NPG).

Medallic portrait by T. R. Pinches, from a model by H. Weekes. Exhibited RA, 1841 (1117).

'The Christening of the Prince of Wales' by Sir G. Hayter. Royal Collection.

Anonymous engraving, after J. D. Francis (not the same picture as the one listed above), published Welch and Gwynne, 1842 (example in NPG).

Woodcut published ILN, II (1843), 73.

'Queen Victoria Receiving Louis Philippe at Windsor Castle, 1844' by F. X. Winterhalter. Musée de Versailles. Lithographed anonymously, published Goupil and Vibert (example in British Museum). Smaller version: Royal Collection. Oil study: collection of Jean Schmit, Paris, 1939- Oil study of Peel and Wellington: Royal Collection, reproduced Sir Robert Peel from his Private Papers, edited C. S. Parker, II (1899), frontispiece, engraved by J. Faed (example in NPG). A separate painting of Peel by Winterhalter is in the Royal Collection, reproduced T. Lever, The Life and Times of Sir Robert Peel (1942), frontispiece.

Water-colour by Miss J. Wedderburn (NPG 2772(28a)).

Woodcut published ILN, IV (1844), 105.

Model by R. Moody. Exhibited RA, 1844 (1251).

Painting by G. Fagnani. See Emma Fagnani, The Art Life of a XIXth Century Portrait Painter Joseph Fagnani (privately printed, 1930), pp 21 and 115.

Busts by W. Graham. Exhibited RA, 1846 (1505), and 1847 (1379).

'The Fine Arts Commissioners, 1846' by J. Partridge (NPG 342, 343a, 343b, 343c).

Drawing by an unknown artist (in the House of Commons), reproduced as a woodcut ILN, VIII (1846), 65.

Bust by R. Physick. Merchant Taylors Company.

Lithograph by J. Doyle, published T. McLean, 1850 (hand-coloured example in NPG).

Woodcuts published ILN, XVII (1850), I (on horseback), and 37.

Bronze statue by E. H. Baily. Bury, Lancashire.
Reproduced as a woodcut ILN, XIX (1851), 601.

Marble busts by M. Noble (see NPG 596).

Statue or bust by J. P. Papera, bronze bust by L. Gardie, and wax statuette by H. Ross. Great Exhibition 1851. See R. Gunnis, Dictionary of British Sculptors (1953), pp 289, 162, and 325 respectively.

Sketch by M. Noble. Exhibited RA, 1851 (1349).

Statuette by J. E. Thomas. Exhibited RA, 1851 (1304).

Bust by W. Gray. Exhibited RA, 1851 (1295).

Statue by A. H. Ritchie. Montrose.

Bronze statue by M. Noble. Peel Park, Salford.
Reproduced as a woodcut ILN, XX (1852), 389. Noble executed another statue at Tamworth, Staffordshire. The model for the Peel Park statue was at Elswick Hall, Newcastle, listed in Catalogue of Lough and Noble Models at Elswick Hall (c.1928), p 59 (107).

Statue by J. Gibson. Westminster Abbey.
Marble bust, identical to the head of the statue, exhibited Art Treasures of the United Kingdom, Manchester, 1857, 'Sculpture' (130), lent by H. Cardwell (reproduction in NPG).

Bronze statue by W.Behnes. Leeds.
Sketched by G. Scharf, Sir George Scharf's Sketch Books (NPG archives), LXXXI, 64A. Model exhibited RA, 1851 (1293).

Statue by T. Duckett. Preston.
Reproduced as a woodcut ILN, XX (1852), 448.

Marble statue by M. Noble. St George's Hall, Liverpool.
Reproduced as a woodcut ILN, XXV (1854), 513. Statuette exhibited RA, 1852

Statuette by A. Johnson. Exhibited RA, 1852 (1363).

Design for a statue by H. Weekes. Exhibited RA, 1852 (1350).

Bronze statue by W. C. Marshall. Manchester.
Model exhibited RA, 1853 (1463).

Statue by J. G. Mossman. Glasgow.

Bust by W. Anderson. Memorial at Forfar.

Marble bust by J. Francis. Frank Partridge, London, 1938.

Colossal marble bust by A. Munro. Public Baths, Oldham.
Exhibited RA, 1854 (1390). Reproduced as a woodcut ILN, XXV (1854), 165.

Two statues by W. Behnes. Bradford, and Police College, Hendon, London.
The latter (originally at Cheapside, London) is reproduced as a woodcut ILN, XXVII (1855), 44.

Statue by P. Hollins. Calthorpe Park, Birmingham.

Statuette by E. G. Papworth. Exhibited RA, 1856 (1290).

Marble bust by A. Bromley. Exhibited RA, 1865 (942).

Marble statue by W. Theed. Huddersfield.
Reproduced as a woodcut, ILN, LXII (1873), 561.

Bronze statue by M. Noble. Parliament Square.
This replaced an earlier statue by Baron Marochetti; see The Times, II December 1876.

Painting by Sir D. Wilkie (oil sketch, standing by a horse). Collection of D. Gelder, 1969. Presumably a study for a large equestrian portrait never carried out.

Paintings by H. W. Pickersgill (see NPG 3796).

Painting by an unknown artist. Collection of Edgar Newgass, 1956.

Painting by an unknown artist. Robinson and Foster, 1 August 1940 (lot 134).

Painting called Peel by an unknown artist. Puttick and Simpson, 15 July 1885 (lot 292).
Sketched by G. Scharf, Sir George Scharf's Trustees' Sketch Books (NPG archives), XXXIII, 15.

Drawing by S. P. Hall (NPG 2378).

Drawing (unfinished) by an unknown artist. Collection of the Duke of Newcastle.

Lithograph, after a silhouette by J. Bouvier, published W. Spooner (example in NPG).

Miniature by Sir W. C. Ross. Reproduced The Private Letters of Sir Robert Peel, edited G. Peel (1920), p 10.

Miniature by R. Thorburn, and another by A. E. Chalon. Recorded in the Dictionary of National Biography.

Bronze bust by J. E. Jones. City Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham.

Plaster bust by Sir J. Steell. Scottish NPG.

Marble bust by an unknown artist. Brighton Pavilion.

Bust by an unknown artist. National Liberal Club, London.

Various lithographs and engravings (examples in NPG and British Museum).

Painting by R. R. Scanlan. Department of the Environment.

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