Later Victorian Portraits Catalogue

Henry Wyndham Phillips (1820-1868), Painter

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Oil on canvas by Thomas Phillips, three-quarter-length to right, looking to front, lying down with a pencil and sketchbook; untraced. Repr. Phillips, 9 June 1987 (57); Christie’s, 21 July 1989 (256).

Charcoal drawing by George Frederic Watts, head-and-shoulders to right; untraced. Repr. Phillips, London, 2 Nov. 1987 (147). A study for the following item.

Oil on canvas by George Frederic Watts, three-quarter-length to right, seated in studio holding a sheet of paper; coll. Viscount Allendale. Repr. Bryant 2004, p.89. Bryant (2004, p.88) notes these as among Watts’s ‘most fully realised and carefully wrought portrayals’. See also Phillips’s portrait of Watts, NPG 1378; Bryant 2004, p.881.

exh. 1853
?Miniature by Charles Couzens; untraced. Exh. RA 1853 (720).

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Pencil drawing by unidentified artist, head-and-shoulders, profile to right, recumbent, with chin bandage; untraced. Ref. photograph in NPG SB (Phillips), conjecturally identified as Phillips on his deathbed, drawn by John Everett Millais.

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Albumen carte-de-visite by Camille Silvy, whole-length to right, in photographer’s studio, drawing; NPG Ax60227.

Albumen print by David Wilkie Wynfield; see NPG P81.

Albumen carte-de-visite by Nadar (Gaspard Félix Tournachon), half-length to right, hand in pocket; NPG Ax14944.

Magdalene Keaney