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Regency Portraits Catalogue

John Jervis, Earl of St Vincent (1735-1823), Admiral

No previous attempt has been made to list the portraits though a short article by Mrs Delves in Connoisseur, XXI, 1911 illustrates several formerly at Meaford. The family effects were dispersed after his death and there was a sale at Sotheby's 2-4 March 4896 but a few still remain in the present Earl's house in Jersey.

Oil by Cotes (NPG 2026).

Oil by Reynolds in Lord Astor of Hever sale Christie's 28 June 1963 (46) and again Christie's 18 June 1971 (97), head and shoulders in Court dress, Ribbon and Star of KB; no sitting or payment is recorded though Tom Taylor found 'an appointment with Captain Jervis at Admiral Barrington's ... 28 May 1782' (Algernon Graves & W. V. Cronin, History of the Works of Sir Joshua Reynolds, 1899, p 864 and reproduced Evelyn Berckman, Nelson's Dear Lord, 1962, p 37). A curious stipple engraving by G. S. and J. G. Facius 1785 (example in NPG) shows Reynolds and Jervis as shepherds in the Nativity window at New College, Oxford.

Oil sketch by G. Stuart in National Maritime Museum (36-31), head and shoulders to left in captain's full-dress uniform and Ribbon of KB, formerly in Earl of Lincoln's collection; a variant wearing hat was at Sotheby's 13 December 1972 (138) (reproduced Evelyn Berckman, Nelson's Dear Lord, 1962, p 20). NPG 936 by Abbott possibly harks back to another Stuart of about this date. An oil by Stuart, half-length in pre-1795 uniform, was engraved in mezzotint by Laurie 1794 (John Chaloner Smith, British Mezzotint Portraits, 31), and enlarged to whole-length in post-1795 uniform for a mezzotint by J. R. Smith published 5 September 1797 (John Chaloner Smith, British Mezzotint Portraits, 146).

Miniature by R. Higs at Christie's 21 February 1977 (36), half-length in blue civilian coat, reproduced in catalogue.

Miniature by J. H. Hurter, signed and dated 1785, in private collection Kent.

Oil by Beechey in National Maritime Museum (59-21), half-length full-face in rear-admiral's uniform. Subsequent oils by Beechey, see NPG 2222.

'The House of Commons 1793-4' by K. A. Hickel (NPG 745).

Miniature by G. Place exhibited RA 1793 (542).

Oils by Abbott, see NPG 936.

Medals by Wyon, Hancock and others were struck to commemorate the victory of 14 February; a medallion portrait from a miniature was published in Smirke's Naval Victories, plate 2, 1803.

Oil by Gainsborough Dupont known from an ornamented engraving (example in British Museum), head and shoulders to left in admiral's full-dress uniform, Naval Gold Medal for St Vincent.

Pastel by Daniel Gardner known from Orme's stipple 'from the original Picture in the Collection of Adml Barrington', published 10 May 1797.

Drawing by Bouch done in Lisbon December 1797 (NPG 167a).

Wedgwood medallion modelled by De Vaere in 1798 (Robin Reilly & George Savage, Wedgwood: the Portrait Medallions, 1973, p 297); a coloured wax model was offered to the NPG in 1980.

Medal by Flaxman, EARL ST VINCENT'S TESTIMONY OF APPROBATION 1800, was struck to commemorate the loyalty of his flagship at the Mutiny of the Nore 1797, profile to left (Bindman, John Flaxman, 1979, p 138). A drawing, head and shoulders nearly full-face, is in the Huntington Library.

Portrait by J. Keenan exhibited RA 1801 (287) known from Barnard's mezzotint published 10 August 1801 (John Chaloner Smith, British Mezzotint Portraits, 14) and later engravings.

Oil by Pellegrini in National Maritime Museum (46-3/1), large whole-length in admiral's full-dress uniform, Lisbon harbour in background.

Bust by Garrard exhibited RA 1807 (1097).

Plaster busts by Chantrey made for Royal Navy Hospital Greenwich and for Trinity House (Sir Francis Chantrey’s Ledgers of Accounts, RA, p 1), the latter destroyed by enemy action in 1941.

Oil by Hoppner in Royal Collection (St James's Palace), whole-length standing on quarterdeck of the Victory, painted for Carlton House (Sir Oliver Millar, The Later Georgian Pictures in the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen, 1969, 851); a copy painted c.1823-4 was presented to Greenwich Hospital by George IV (NMM GH.42).

Bust by Nollekens mentioned in St Vincent's letter to Beechey 27 October 1815 (W. Roberts, Sir William Beechey R.A., p 182), but probably never executed (and see Diary of Joseph Farington, 27 April 1805).

Etching by M. H. G. Jervis, vignette profile to left in heavy coat, Star of GCB and dark wig.

Bust by Chantrey exhibited RA 1816 (949), possibly the plaster model in Ashmolean Museum (642-130); a drawing inscribed 'To Capt Parker with Mr Chantrey's respects', profile to left, was at Christie's 25 July 1972 (7), engraving reproduced Admiral Sir William James, Old Oak, 1950, frontispiece.

Oil by Carbonnier known from C. Turner's mezzotint 1822, half-length as old man in large hat and Star of GCB on buttoned-up coat (Alfred Whitman, Charles Turner, 1907, 57 and reproduced Evelyn Berckman, Nelson's Dear Lord, 1962, p 229).

Oil by unknown artist in National Maritime Museum (30-6), half-length in extreme old age, blue coat in red chair.

Oil attributed to A. W. Devis at Bonham's 20 August 1970 (150), head and shoulders in uniform, Star and Gold Medal, c.1810.

Baily's monument in St Paul's is 'more conspicuous for ornament than good taste' (J. K. Laughton in Dictionary of National Biography) and Chantrey's memorial bust in St Michael's Church, Stone, Staffs, is almost overwhelmed by naval trophies.

This extended catalogue entry is from the out-of-print National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: Richard Walker, Regency Portraits, National Portrait Gallery, 1985, and is as published then. For the most up-to-date details on individual Collection works, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text.