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Charles Haslewood Shannon (1863-1937), Painter and lithographer

Printmaker and painter; born 26 April 1863, in Lincolnshire. Studied engraving at City & Guilds Art School, Lambeth where met lifelong companion Charles Ricketts; joint enterprises included The Dial magazine and the Vale Press; exhibited from 1897, portraits and figure subjects in renaissance and fin-de-siècle style respectively; resumed lithography 1904–19; elected ARA 1911, RA 1920; suffered brain damage in fall 1929; died London, 18 March 1937.

Tall in stature and fair in complexion, Shannon had a ‘ruddy boyish face like a countryman’s, with blue eyes and fair lashes’. [1] Temperamentally equable, he was described as having an ‘extreme gentleness of manner’ and being so quiet and reserved that ‘in a large gathering his low voice and modest manner kept him in the background’. [2] According to Oscar Wilde, Shannon was ‘like a marigold’, in contrast to Ricketts, ‘like an orchid’. [3]

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2) Sybil Waller, MSS Memoir; quoted Delaney 1990, p.26. After his fall in 1929 his personality is said to have altered.
3) See Rothenstein 1931–2, vol.1, p.173.

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