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Later Stuart Portraits Catalogue

James Stanhope, 1st Earl Stanhope (1673-1721), Soldier and statesman

Unattributed ivory medallion, in armour, inscribed: IACOBVS STANHOPE AETATIS XXXV 1708. Chevening. An almost identical ivory medallion, inscribed: I.MCF and JACOBVS STANHOPE, sold Christie’s, 4 July 1995, lot 13.

Painting by Godfrey Kneller, see NPG 3225.

Unattributed painting, in uniform, riding a white horse on a battlefield. Phillips, 6 June 1989, lot 59 as attributed to the circle of Jan Wijk, ‘by descent through the Stanhope family’.

Painting attributed to Denner, half-length oval wearing velvet mantle with ornate collar. Chevening (Sir George Scharf’s Sketch Books, 99:32; illus. A. Newman, The Stanhopes of Chevening, 1969, f.p.96). A similar, but not identical picture engraved J. Hall 1777 as after Van Loo (bust-length oval). The head resembles the van Diest pattern, but the handling appears softer.

Paintings by or attributed to, Johann van Diest, showing closely related heads

Half-length to right in brown coat; Paxton House, Berwickshire

Half-length to right in blue coat, inscribed; Christie’s South Kensington, 9 March 2000, lot 38

Half-length to left, wearing cuirass; Chevening

Whole-length to right, in viscount’s coronation robes, right hand on hip, coronet in left hand by his side; Chevening (where seen by Scharf in 1863, Sir George Scharf’s Sketch Books, 67:64)

Three-quarter-length in viscount’s coronation robes; Government Art Collection (12; illus. The Public Catalogue Foundation, Government Art Collection, p 163 as by Kneller); see under NPG 6.

Three-quarter-length to right, seated at table, wearing a florid waistcoat, quill in right hand, rolled paper in left; versions at Chevening (Sir George Scharf’s Sketch Books, 93:70) and formerly at Battle Abbey (Sir George Scharf’s Sketch Books, 92AA:10 in 1875). The face mask identical to that in the preceding portrait. A variant in the Government Art Collection (3064; illus. The Public Catalogue Foundation, Government Art Collection, 2007, p 85) shows the table on the left and his left hand on his right knee.

Painting by Johann van Diest, see NPG 6.

Painting by Johann van Diest, half-length oval to left, wearing the Smythe armour (see NPG 6) beneath a dark coat, signed and dated. Sotheby’s, 28 April 1965, lot 153. Engraved E. Harding from a drawing by W. N. Gardiner ‘From an original in the Possession of the Earl of Harrington’.

Painting by Johann van Diest, three-quarter-length oval, seated to left at table, dividers in left hand, a map of Port Mahon in his right, wearing the Smythe armour (see NPG 6) beneath his coat. Sotheby’s, 28 April 1965, lot 156. The figure based on the preceding portrait.

c.1721 or later
Painting attributed to Highmore, whole-length wearing a grey suit with viscount’s parliamentary robe, coronet in left hand by his side. Christie’s, 25 September 1989, lot 310; from Wimborne St Giles. Perhaps posthumous.

Marble bust by J. M. Rysbrack, à la romaine. London art market 1979-. Exhibited English Ancestors, Colnaghi, 1983, no.62. Apparently a study for the Westminster monument (see below). A plaster belonged to John Murray and a marble copy by Morton Edwards 1856 is at Chevening.

Marble reclining figure à la romaine by J. M. Rysbrack, incorporated within Stanhope’s monument at Westminster Abbey (illus. M. I. Webb, Michael Rysbrack, 1954, p 60).

A painted allegory by G. B. Pittoni, Canaletto and G. B. Cimaroli(?) was one of a series of ‘monuments’ to recent ‘British Worthies, who were bright and shining Ornaments, to their Country’, commissioned by Owen MacSwinny c.1725-29. Chrysler Museum, Norfolk VA (E. Croft-Murray, Decorative Painting in England, II, The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, 1970, p 241, no.14).

This extended catalogue entry is from the National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: John Ingamells, National Portrait Gallery: Later Stuart Portraits 1685-1714, National Portrait Gallery, 2009, and is as published then. For the most up-to-date details on individual Collection works, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text.