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Sir (William) Hamo Thornycroft (1850-1925), Sculptor; son of Thomas Thornycroft and Mary Thornycroft

Sculptor; born 9 March 1850, in London, son of sculptors Thomas and Mary Thornycroft, brother of engineer John Thornycroft (NPG 5876), and uncle of poet Siegfried Sassoon. Studied in parents’ studio and Royal Academy Schools, influenced by Frederic Leighton; exh. RA from 1872; elected ARA 1881, RA 1888; leading figure in the revival of British sculpture, best known for figures of Mower (1885) and Sower (1886) together with memorials to King Alfred, Oliver Cromwell, General Gordon and Lord Curzon; in later life largely occupied with public statues and busts; member Art Workers Guild; knighted 1917; died 18 December 1925 at Oxford.

Physically, he was tall, ‘extremely powerful in frame’ with ‘curly, golden-red’ hair. [1]

Dr Jan Marsh

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1) Edmund Gosse, quoted in Thwaite 1984, p.192.

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