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Sir Frederick Treves, 1st Bt (1853-1923), Surgeon and author; Serjeant Surgeon to the King

Paintings, drawings, sculptures and prints

Paintings, drawings, sculptures and printsback to top

Lithograph by unidentified artist with facsimile inscription ‘Yours very truly / Frederick Treves’, vignette, head-and-shoulders to front, large moustache, wearing stiff collar and dark coat; Wellcome L., London, no.92551.
This appears to date from Treves’s appointment at the London H. as surgeon and lecturer in Anatomy.

Oil on canvas, 1380 x 1090mm, by Sir Luke Fildes; Barts & London Queen Mary School of Medicine and Dentistry, RLHINV/976). Exh. RA 1896 (219); repr. [Cassell] 1896, p.124; Auckland Weekly News, 3 July 1910, p.10; Howell & Ford 1980, pl.10; and Howell & Ford 1992, pl.1.
Reduced replica; see NPG 2917.

Watercolour caricature by Sir Leslie Ward (‘Spy’), nearly whole-length, slightly to right, standing with hands in waistband, wearing pince-nez and morning dress, without hat; untraced.
Repr. as chromolithograph, Vanity Fair, 19 July 1900 (Men of the Day no. DCCLXXXIV, captioned ‘Freddie’); copy NPG D45022.

Undated portrait
Oil on canvas, 1070 x 766mm, by Harry Herman Salomon, three-quarter-length profile to right, head bent in the act of writing at table to right, Sir Francis Laking standing to left, right hand on Treves’s shoulder; Wellcome L., London, no.45884i. Said to be after an (untraced) photograph.

Photographsback to top

Photograph by unidentified photographer, head-and-shoulders to front, large moustache, wearing soft-brimmed hat and safari-type shirt over shirt collar, spectacles attached to shirt button; no information but seen on Enciclopedia Libre Universal en Español.
This appears to date from Treves’s service with the Royal Army Medical Corps in South Africa.

Snapshot by unidentified photographer, whole-length, standing on board steam yacht, wearing naval-type cap, left hand holding cigar to mouth; NPG Ax137101; see NPG Portrait Set ‘Royal Yacht 1902–1904’, where dated Aug. 1902.

Postcard print by E.H. Mills, three-quarter-length to left, looking to camera, standing, hands clasped to left, handlebar moustache, wearing academic gown and mortar-board. Publ. Rotary Photographic Co. Ltd; NPG x197681.
This image may record Treves’ election as rector, Aberdeen University, 1905.

Photograph by Reginald Haines, three-quarter-length to right, turned towards camera, seated outdoors wearing homburg hat and dark suit, hands crossed in lap, ivy-covered wall in background. Repr. Dorset Life, Dec. 2014, online ed.

Photographs by Bassano Ltd, with grey walrus moustache, wearing stiff collar and dark suit, three known poses:
(a) vintage print, head-and-shoulders, profile to left; NPG x84938.
(b) whole-plate glass negative, head-and-shoulders to front, looking right; NPG x34277.
(c) whole-plate glass negative, three-quarter-length looking to camera, seated legs crossed to right; NPG x34278.

Photographs by Walter Stoneman, with grey walrus moustache, wearing military uniform, four known poses:
(a) head-and-shoulders to front; NPG x185745.
(b) half-length to front, head to right, arms half-visible; NPG x65225.
(c) three-quarter-length, half-profile to left, standing, wearing military cap; NPG x65226.
(d) three-quarter-length to front, standing, hands clasped below waist, wearing cap; NPG x65227.

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