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Later Victorian Portraits Catalogue

Sir Leslie Ward (1851-1922), 'Spy'; caricaturist and portrait painter; son of Edward Matthew Ward

By other artists

Self-portraitsback to top

Drawing, head-and-shoulders, profile to left; untraced. Repr. Symon 1896, p.708 (captioned ‘drawn by himself from a reflection in a mirror’). Close in date to Bassano photograph, see below, ‘Photographs, publ. 1894’.

Doubtful self-portraits

Pencil drawing, signed and dated June 1906, head-and-shoulders; untraced; Sotheby’s, Printed Books, 27–9 July 1983 (467).

Pastel and gouache drawing, signed with Ward’s cypher, three-quarter-lenth, seated to left, small dog at right; untraced; Christie’s, 12 July 1973 (38); photograph NPG SB (Ward). R.L. Ormond (in note on back of NPG ref. photo) doubts identity of sitter.

By other artistsback to top

exh. 1854
Miniature on ivory by William Ross, three-quarter-length, holding a strawberry, with his sister Alice in oval; untraced. [1] Exh. RA 1854 (765, ‘The children of E.M. Ward’); and Special Portrait Miniatures Exh., S. Kensington, 1865 (2293); repr. Ward 1915, p.12; and Ward [1924], p.244; also repr. as wood-engr. Strand, vol.8, 1894, p.484 (captioned ‘Age 4’).

Watercolour caricature by Jean de Paleologu (‘PAL’); see NPG 3007.
Although mildly caricatural, this is a good portrait of Ward.

Caricature drawing by Alfred Thompson, standing back-to-back with Carlo Pellegrini, sketching each other; untraced; coll. Leslie Ward, 1896 (ref. Symon 1896, p.711 [not ill.]).

publ. 1890
Watercolour by unidentified artist, figure adapted from Paleologu (see above, ‘1899’, in reverse) at top left-hand corner among 22 figures on and around a stage; untraced.
Chromolithograph by Vincent Brooks, Day & Son repr. Vanity Fair, supplement, 29 Nov. 1890 (double-page, captioned ‘In Vanity Fair’); and Matthews & Mellini 1982, dustjacket.

Black chalk and grey wash drawing, 381 x 267mm, by (William) Walker Hodgson, signed and dated 21 Nov. 1891, profile to left; untraced; photo NPG SB (Ward). Exh. A Fraternity of Artists, Christopher Wood G., London, 1984 (50). See also NPG collection 4041(1–5).

Pen and ink drawing by (John) Bernard Partridge; untraced; page from sketchbook, Abbott & Holder cat. list 276 (241). Apparently based on Bassano photograph, see below, ‘Photographs, publ. 1894’.

Ink and watercolour caricature drawing by Max Beerbohm, whole-length to left, standing; untraced; Piccadilly G., London, 1996. Exh. Piccadilly G., London, 1996 (42); repr. Hart-Davis 1972, no.1583; and Hall 1997, no.106.

Cartoon drawings by A.G. Witherby, two whole-length figures, profile to left, as a sportsman and on crutches with gout; untraced. Repr. Ward 1915, facing p.332 (captioned ‘Drawn in September 1899’).

exh. 1914
?Painting by John Bowie; untraced. Exh. RSPP 24th Annual exh., 1914 (38).

Photographsback to top

Photograph by unidentified photographer, whole-length, standing to right, top hat on table; repr. (as wood-engr.) Strand, vol.8, 1894, p.484 (captioned ‘Age 8’).

Woodburytype cabinet card by Hills & Saunders, Eton, whole-length, seated at right with brother (either William Russell Ward or Wriothesley Ward); The Rob Dickins Coll., Watts G., Compton, COMWG2008.391. Repr. Bills & Webb 2007, no.156. Ward left Eton in 1869.

Photograph by unidentified photographer, seated cross-legged, in theatrical costume as Mustapha during amateur production The Forty Thieves, performed 9 Mar. 1878, Theatre Royal, Brighton; repr. Ward 1915, facing p.188.

Photograph by Alexander Bassano, half-length, standing with left hand on hip, looking to left; repr. (as wood-engr.) Strand , vol.8, 1894, p.484 (captioned ‘Age 31’).

publ. 1894
Photograph by Alexander Bassano, head-and-shoulders to left, wearing stiff collar and broad, striped tie; repr. Sketch, 10 Jan. 1894, p.579; and (as wood-engr.) Strand, vol.8, 1894, p.484 (captioned ‘Present Day’).
This is the best photograph of Ward but no original print has been traced.

Platinum prints by (John) Benjamin Stone, Members’ Entrance to Terrace, Houses of Parliament, Mar. 1901, two known poses;
(a) whole-length, standing, holding top hat in left hand, cane in right hand; NPG x45005.
(b) whole-length, standing, wearing top hat, holding cane in left hand; NPG x45006.

Photograph by Vandyk, three-quarter-length, facing front, standing at easel in his studio; repr. The World, 14 Dec. 1909, cover (captioned ‘Photograph specially taken for The World by Vandyk’).

publ. 1912
Photograph by unidentified photographer, half-length to left, seated at easel; repr. Tatler, 28 Feb. 1912, p.230.

publ. 1915
Photograph by Vandyk, head-and-shoulders to left; repr. Ward 1915, frontispiece; and Harris & Ormond 1976, no.27.

Photographs by Alexander Bassano, dated 25 Feb. 1921, three known poses:
(a) head-and-shoulders, head slightly to right, looking right; whole-plate glass neg. NPG x18111.
(b) head-and-shoulders, looking to front; whole-plate glass neg. NPG x18112.
(c) head-and-shoulders, almost profile to left, wearing hat; whole-plate glass neg. NPG x18113 and vintage print NPG x84988.

Photograph by unidentified photographer, inscr. with dedication to his mother dated 21 June 1921, whole-length, looking to front, standing, holding pipe; repr. Ward [1924], facing p.314.

Photograph by Topical Press Agency, whole-length, seated to right at easel, painting a portrait of his daughter Sidney Ward; Getty Images, 3311806.

1) ‘After our first sitting [Sir William Ross] told me to eat the strawberry I had held so patiently. I obediently did as he suggested, and after each sitting I was rewarded in this way. The miniature turned out to be a chef d’oeuvre.’ Ward 1915, p.13.

Carol Blackett-Ord