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Mid-Georgian Portraits Catalogue

James Watt (1736-1819), Engineer

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James Watt

by Carl Fredrik von Breda
NPG 186a

James Watt

by Henry Howard
circa 1797
NPG 663

James Watt

by Peter Rouw
NPG 183

James Watt

by Sir Francis Leggatt Chantrey
circa 1814
NPG 316a(191)

Men of Science Living in 1807-8

by Sir John Gilbert, and Frederick John Skill, and William Walker, and Elizabeth Walker (née Reynolds)
NPG 1075

Engraving after 'Men of Science Living in 1807-8'

by George Zobel, and William Walker
NPG 1075a

Sir Francis Leggatt Chantrey; James Watt (on reverse)

by William Wyon, after William Bain, and after Sir Francis Leggatt Chantrey
NPG D2912