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Regency Portraits Catalogue

Richard Colley Wellesley, Marquess Wellesley (1760-1842), Politician and Governor-General of India; brother of Wellington

Miniature by R. Crosse at Stratfield Saye; a drawing for an enamel copy by Henry Bone is in the NPG library (Henry Bone’s annotated pencil drawings for miniatures and enamels, II, 24).

Gouache by Daniel Gardner at Badminton, oval head and shoulders in lace collar and long hair, aged 15; another by Gardner at Badminton, oval head and shoulders with hand to cheek, aged 20.

Oil by Romney at Eton College, half-length seated to left as an Eton leaving portrait, exhibited Tate Gallery 1951 (7).

Miniature by Cosway exhibited SKM 1865 (1425) lent by the Rev James Beck, head and shoulders in Windsor uniform, perhaps that reproduced as an Emery Walker photogravure in NPG Diaries of Madame D'Arblay, III, 2, p 286.

Wash drawing by Downman at Stratfield Saye, small oval three-quarter-length standing in riding clothes by a garden urn, aged about 25, signed and dated illegibly.

Pastel by B. Stoker at Stratfield Saye, oval head and shoulders to right aged about 30.

Oil by Karl Hickel at Stratfield Saye, oval head and shoulders signed and dated 1793, as a study for 'The House of Commons 1793-4' (NPG 745).

Ink and pencil drawing by Lady Melville at Stratfield Saye, whole-length seated in Windsor uniform, back view reading.

Oil by Gainsborough Dupont exhibited RA 1793 (249), Second Exhibition of National Portraits, South Kensington, 1867 (752) and Exhibition of the Royal House of Guelph, New Gallery, 1891 (183) attributed to Hoppner; it is now at Stratfield Saye with the tentative attribution to Mather Brown, head and shoulders to left in tie wig and Star of St Patrick.

Drawing by Edridge in Royal Collection (Windsor Castle), three-quarter-length seated signed and dated 1797; a drawing of the Marchioness, whole-length dated 1796, is also at Windsor Castle (A. P. Oppé, English Drawings … at Windsor Castle, 1950, 228-9). Farington mentions another sitting 27 May 1812, perhaps for that exhibited RA 1819 (522).

Oil by Hoppner at Stratfield Saye, three-quarter-length standing in uniform as Governor-General, eastern minarets in background, probably painted just before he sailed for India in November 1797; mezzotint by J. Young 1800 (John Chaloner Smith, British Mezzotint Portraits, 67).

Pencil drawing by J. S. Copley at Christie's 21 October 1969 (126), 'The Flag of Seringapatam brought to Lord Wellesley', a slight sketch signed and dated 28 June 1799.

Oil by Thomas Hickey at Apsley House, whole-length seated in Windsor uniform in Fort House, Madras, with the Treaty of Mysore (reproduced in Mildred Archer, India and British Portraiture, 1979, p 221); a drawing for the head only, in the George Breeze collection, is inscribed: From the Picture for Lady Mornington and of which the original drawing on paper was made/19 August 1799. H. D. Love's List of Pictures in Government House Madras, 1903, p 164 describes this portrait in detail.

Oils by Robert Home, of which three distinct types exist; 8 versions are recorded in Home's Account Book (NPG library).
(1) 1799, Raj Bhavan, Calcutta, whole-length in uniform, Ribbon and Stars of St Patrick and Turkish Crescent, hat in right hand, troops and St Mary's Church, Madras in background (Mildred Archer, India and British Portraiture, 1979, 218 and engraved by J. Heath 1807).
(2) c.1801, Stratfield Saye, whole-length in uniform, robes of St Patrick, Collar and Jewel of St Patrick, Stars of St Patrick and Turkish Crescent, right hand on Treaty of Hyderabad 1800, left on hip. Replicas were ordered in 1801-2 and a half-length variant is in the Oriental Club, London.
(3) c.1803, India Office Library, London. Half-length in military uniform, Ribbon and Star of St Patrick, Star of Turkish Crescent; replica in Asiatic Society of Bengal. (W. Foster, India Office Catalogue, 1924, no.2 and Mildred Archer, India and British Portraiture, 1979, 222.)
(4) c.1804, Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi. Whole-length similar to (2) but with different background (Mildred Archer, India and British Portraiture, 1979, 219).

Silhouette in green wash by John Field, Sotheby's 16 October 1978 (116).

Miniature in grisaille by Samuel Andrews, Christie's 15 May 1979 (49), engraved by Caroline Watson 'from the original picture painted by S. Andrews 1802'; another is listed in Lord Raglan's collection (John Steegman, A Survey of Portraits in Welsh Houses, II, p 130). A similar miniature of Wellington is signed and dated Calcutta 1802.

Miniature by George Place at Stratfield Saye, head and shoulders to left in uniform; a variant in civilian dress, signed and dated 1802, was offered to the NPG in 1972.

Miniature by Charles Shirreff at Sotheby's 4 June 1973 (67) reproduced head and shoulders to left in uniform, Stars of St Patrick and Turkish Crescent, signed and dated Calcutta 1804; a variant with Star of KP only was at Sotheby's 5 July 1976 (49), engraved by Ridley, Holl & Blood for The European Magazine, 1 January 1808.

Watercolour drawing by an unknown artist in the India Office library, whole-length on a grey horse reviewing his bodyguard (M. Archer, British Drawings in the India Office Library, 1969, I, p 75).

Statue by Rossi ordered by Colonel Robert Kyd (Diary of Joseph Farington, 30 May 1805).

Marble bust by Nollekens at Windsor Castle, signed and dated 1808. Copies are at Eton College and by J. Francis (1818) at Apsley House. Nollekens showed Farington the model 19 September 1806. The bust appears in the background of a picture by Lady Burghersh, see 1839 below.

Marble bust by Bacon (NPG 992).

Wax profile by Catherine Andras at Stratfield Saye, signed and dated 1810 and exhibited RA 1810 (639).

Engraved gem by W. Brown exhibited RA 1811 (699).

Oil by Lawrence in the Royal Collection (Windsor Castle), three-quarter-length seated in Court dress and Garter insignia (Sir Oliver Millar, The Later Georgian Pictures in the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen, 916 and plate 219); replicas or copies are at Stratfield Saye, Eton College, Dublin Castle, GAC (5107) and elsewhere; a version was at Christie's 11 April 1974 (119); a chalk drawing on canvas is in the National Gallery of Ireland. Lawrence ridiculed Wellesley's vanity and use of make-up to Farington (Diary of Joseph Farington, 8 April 1811).

Drawing by Edridge mentioned by Farington 27 May 1812, perhaps that exhibited RA 1819 (522).

Drawing and oil by J. P. Davis (NPG 846-7).

Two miniatures by Andrew Robertson at Stratfield Saye, one with Star of KG and one without. Robertson exhibited miniatures RA 1818 (663), 1826 (619), 1827 (657). A stipple engraving by H. Meyer, whole-length in Garter robes, was published 1827.

Drawing by R. Dighton in Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle.

Watercolour drawing by Stephanoff, whole-length carrying the sceptre at the Coronation of George IV, is known from an aquatint in Naylor's Coronation.

Oil by Sir M. A. Shee in the Royal Collection (Buckingham Palace), whole-length in Garter robes as Lord Steward, exhibited RA 1833 (154), (Sir Oliver Millar, The Later Georgian Pictures in the Collection of Her Majesty The Queen, 1969, 1088); copies by C. Fortescue Bate are at Apsley House and Christ Church, Oxford.

Oil by S. Catterson Smith in Apsley House, three-quarter-length seated in peer's robes, chain and jewel of Grand Master of St Patrick.

Oil by Priscilla, Lady Burghersh at Apsley House, 'Anne Countess of Mornington surrounded by the Effigies of her Sons', 1839, engraved Hodgetts.

Drawing by Count D'Orsay published as a lithograph, head and shoulders profile to left aged 83. An oil by D'Orsay and a composition bust were in Lady Blessington's sale, Phillips 7-26 May 1849 (1037, 1464).

Marble statue by Henry Weekes in the Old India Office (W. Foster, Catalogue, 1924, p 6).

Plaster busts by W. Theed are in the RMA library Sandhurst and at Wellington College.

Bronze bust by Chantrey in National Gallery of Ireland (8151).

Miniature by W. Grimaldi listed in Rev Alexander Grimaldi, A Catalogue of Paintings, Drawings & Engravings by and after William Grimaldi, 1873, 362.

Plaster bust by Christopher Moore in National Gallery of Ireland (8202).

This extended catalogue entry is from the out-of-print National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: Richard Walker, Regency Portraits, National Portrait Gallery, 1985, and is as published then. For the most up-to-date details on individual Collection works, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text.