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Later Stuart Portraits Catalogue

King William III (1650-1702), Reigned 1689-1702

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King William III

after Cornelius Johnson (Cornelius Janssen van Ceulen)
based on a work of 1657
NPG 272

King William III

after Jan de Baen
based on a work of 1667
NPG 6269

King William III

studio of Sir Peter Lely
based on a work of circa 1677
NPG 1902

King William III

after Willem Wissing
based on a work of 1685
NPG 580

King William III

by Thomas Murray
circa 1691
NPG 5496

King William III

by Unknown artist
circa 1695
NPG 1026

King William III

by Charles Boit
circa 1696-1699
NPG 1737

King William III

after Jan Henrik Brandon
based on a work of 1697
NPG 4153

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