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Regency Portraits Catalogue

Charles Mayne Young (1777-1856), Actor and comedian

Lillian Hall, Catalogue of Dramatic Portraits in … Harvard College Library lists 59 engraved portraits of Young, mostly in character as 'Brutus', 'Cassius', 'Hamlet', 'Iago' and 'Rolla'. The main portraits are:

Miniature 'when nine years old' known from vignette engraving by C. H. Jeens for title-page of Memoir, II.

Portrait by I. W. Faulkner of Manchester, known from engraving by Freeman published 1 September 1807 in The Monthly Mirror, head and shoulders as ? 'Hamlet'.

Watercolour drawing by De Wilde in Garrick Club (69A), whole-length engraving by E. Scriven in Dramatic Memoirs, 1808. A chalk and watercolour drawing by De Wilde in British Museum, whole-length seated as 'The Stranger', relates closely to a drawing attributed to M. W. Sharp engraved by R. Cooper 1822.

Oil by Harlow in Garrick Club (5), ? as 'Hamlet', mezzotint by Charles Turner published by J. P. Thompson, 1 July 1809.

Miniature by W. H. Watts exhibited RA 1810 (624), as 'Macbeth'.

Oil by Henry Millington exhibited RA 1811 (74), as 'Bellarmin'.

Pencil and sanguine drawing by Harlow in Garrick Club head and shoulders in fur-trimmed coat, related to engraving by T. Blood in The European Magazine, 1 April 1812 and reproduced Memoir, I, frontispiece.

Oil by Pickersgill exhibited RA 1814 (194).

Oil by Harlow in private collection, 'The Trial Scene in Henry VIII', copies in Garrick Club (180) and Mottisfont; a key was published in 1819.

Drawing by Abraham Wivell in private collection Scotland, one of a collection drawn at the trial of Queen Caroline in 1820, stipple engraving by T. Wright published as plate 3, 12 February 1822.

'The Trial of Queen Caroline' by Hayter (NPG 999).

Chalk drawing by E. U. Eddis at Christie's 13 November 1973 (68), formerly in collection of his son Rev Julian Young; lithograph by Gauci undated.

Pencil and chalk drawing by Nathaniel George Philips in private collection, found among a collection of the artist's papers and offered to NPG in 1971, half-length seated in fur-trimmed coat, arms folded.

Marble bust by W. Behnes in Liverpool Academy, exhibited RA 1821 (1114).

Oil on panel by Landseer in Garrick Club (92), head and shoulders as 'King John', inscribed: To C. Mathews Esq./with the author's regards/E. Landseer; engraved by H. Cooper as vignette on title-page of The Drama or Theatrical Pocket Guide, 1822 and again by C. H. Jeens for title-page of Memoir, I, 1871.

Oil by M. W. Sharp at Christie's (S. Kensington) 17 November 1976 (131), whole-length seated as 'The Stranger', engraved by R. Cooper 1822.

Miniature by Henry Collen exhibited RA 1824 (444), SBA 1827 (669) and SKM 1865 (3001) lent by Henry Collen.

Watercolour drawing by De Wilde in National Theatre (Maugham) Collection (63), whole-length standing as 'Pierre' in Venice Preserv'd.

Miniature by J. W. Rubidge known from stipple vignette in The Ladies' Monthly Museum, 1 February 1828.

Oil by George Clint in V&A Museum, whole-length as 'Hamlet' with Miss Phyllis Glover as 'Ophelia', exhibited RA 1831 (281), Third Exhibition of National Portraits, South Kensington, 1868 (571) and 'Royal Opera House Perspective', RA, 1982-3 (152).

Drawing and lithograph by R. J. Lane, half-length as 'Brutus', listed in Lane's Account Book, II, p 24, completed 3-11 December 1838.

Drawing by John Linnell (NPG 1814).

Drawing by Julian Charles Young (his son), profile to left in skull-cap, reproduced Memoir, I, p 130.

Marble plaque by R. Jackson offered to NPG in 1931, head and shoulders profile to left.

Miniature by S. J. Stump exhibited Burlington Fine Arts Club 1889, lent by Jeffery Whitehead.

Pencil and watercolour drawing by J. Turmeau in Garrick Club (561A).

This extended catalogue entry is from the out-of-print National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: Richard Walker, Regency Portraits, National Portrait Gallery, 1985, and is as published then. For the most up-to-date details on individual Collection works, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text.