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Marian Collier (née Huxley) (1859-1887), Painter; first wife of John Collier

Possible self-portrait
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Oil on canvas, in portrait of John Collier, quarter-length, profile to right, in dark dress with deep ruffled lace collar, as image on his easel; NPG 6811. This portrait within a portrait represents either a lost work by Marion’s husband, or her own self-image pictorially ascribed to him.

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Oil on canvas, 1124 x 914mm, by John Collier, three-quarter-length, nearly full-face, seated in bentwood chair wearing wedding dress; priv. coll. Exh. Grosvenor G., London, 1880 (81); and RSPP either 1891 (50) or 1894 (140); ref. Henrey 1937, p.226 quoting Blanche Lindsay’s Diary, 28 Apr. 1880; repr. from sketch by sitter in Grosvenor Notes 1880, p.28; Christie’s, 23 June 1989 (127); and Sotheby’s, 14–16 Sept. 1999 (776).

Oil on canvas by John Collier; see NPG 6032.

Oil on canvas by John Collier, Three Sisters; untraced. Exh. Grosvenor G., London, 1883 (164).

Dr Jan Marsh