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Henry Cooper Reade (1818-1873), Army surgeon

Paintings, drawings, sculptures and prints

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Watercolour by Thomas Charles Wageman, signed and dated 1839, head facing, clean-shaven, three-quarters to left in hussar uniform, shako hat in right hand; untraced; in 1937 coll. John Steegman. Repr. as photograph, NPG SB (Reade).
Oil painting by Kate Phelan after Wageman, dated 1868, head facing, three-quarters to left; priv. coll., Macquarie, Australia, 1994. See correspondence (and colour snapshot), NPG RP 6202–3.

Painted silhouette by Frederick Frith, signed and dated 1843, black with gold highlights, whole-length standing to left, wearing ‘accoutrements of a surgeon of the 79 Foot’, [1] left hand on sword; Royal Army Medical Corps M., Aldershot. Exh Phillips, 12 Oct. 1976 (18); repr. as photograph, NPG SB (Reade).

publ. 1855
Drawing by unidentified artist for Her Majesty at Brompton Hospital, whole length standing to left in group including Queen Victoria and wounded soldiers; untraced. Wood engr. publ. Pen and Pencil, 10 Mar. 1855 [no further details], repr. Keller 2013 p.185, fig.152.

Oil on canvas by Jerry Barrett, Queen Victoria’s First Visit to her Wounded Soldiers; see NPG 6203.
For associated sketches and replica, see NPG 6203.
Mixed method engr. by Thomas Oldham Barlow after Barrett, publ. Thomas Agnew & Sons, Manchester, 10 Nov. 1858, titled ‘First Visit of Queen Victoria to her Wounded Soldiers / on their Return from the Crimea, 1855’; copies Fort Pitt Grammar School, Chatham; BM, 1920,0420.191 (artist’s proof). Agnew’s published an edition of 1025 (‘impressions are limited to subscribers only’[2]), very large, of which 300 were artist’s proofs.

publ. c.1858
Pen and ink outline drawing attributed to Jerry Barrett, key to NPG 6203, 21 figures, of which 17 identified in key, Reade no.13; untraced. Repr. as lithograph by Day & Son, publ. by Thomas Agnew & Sons, Manchester (n.d.), titled ‘Key Plate / to / Mr. Barrett’s Picture / The Queen’s first visit to her wounded soldiers’; NPG Archive, Scrapbook relating to Queen Victoria’s First Visit to her Wounded Soldiers, NPG46/63/2/1/1.

1) Letter from P.H. Starling to NPG, 23 Oct. 1995, NPG RP 6202–3. Reade was commissioned assistant surgeon, 79th Regiment of Foot in 1841.
2) Morning Herald, 14 July 1856; cutting NPG Archive, Scrapbook relating to Queen Victoria’s First Visit to her Wounded Soldiers, NPG46/63/2/1/1.

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