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Alfred Waterhouse (1830-1905), Architect

By other artists

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Stone corbel head by Thomas Woolner (with another of wife Elizabeth Waterhouse); Manchester AG, 1966.300, 301. [1]

Bronze plaque by (William) Hamo Thornycroft, from sittings Feb. and Mar. 1883; copy RIBA L., London, SCU/WATE/2 (acc. no.2005.34). Exh. RA 1883 (1666); ref. Manning 1982, no.224.

Oil on canvas by Arthur Stockdale Cope, head-and-shoulders, profile to left in oval; Aberdeen AG, ABDAG003267.

publ. 1887
Drawing by Charles-Paul Renouard for The Opening of the Royal Academy: The Selecting Committee at Work, whole-length, standing to left-hand side close to canvas, wearing spectacles, inspecting a picture with other members of the committee at the RA; untraced. Repr. Graphic, 7 May 1887, pp.476–7; Sunday Times, 5 May 1968, front page.
See also Alma-Tadema, Leighton, Marks, Orchardson, Sant, Yeames.

Oil on canvas by William Quiller Orchardson, three-quarter-length to right, seated, holding plan (RIBA presidential portrait); RIBA, London, RIBA2609-12.
This is the prime image for Waterhouse.

Oil on canvas by Lawrence Alma-Tadema; see NPG 6213.

Photographsback to top

Albumen prints by Camille Silvy, 22 May 1862, whole-length, standing, left hand on hip; NPG Ax58080. Ref. Silvy Day Book, vol.7 (8261).

publ. 1869
Photograph by unidentified photographer, head-and-shoulders, head to left, eyes downcast; repr. as wood-engr. by ‘MJ’ (in roundel), Builder, 16 Oct. 1869 (cuttings colls NPG Archive; and RIBA, London.’

Photograph by unidentified photographer, head-and-shoulders to right, eyes lowered; repr. as wood-engr. by unidentified engraver in unidentified periodical (cuttings colls NPG Archive; and MEPL, London, 10075184.

publ. 1878
Photograph by unidentified photographer, head-and-shoulders, looking to right; repr. as wood-engr. by ‘ST’ [or TS], ILN, 9 Feb. 1878, p.116; and in an unidentified Manchester newspaper (cutting Manchester L., Archives and Local Studies).

Platinum print by Frederick Hollyer, inscr. (by Hollyer) ‘1885’, head-and-shoulders, profile to left, seated; V&A, London, Hollyer album 2, 7799-1938.

publ. 1888
Photograph by Elliott & Fry, half-length, profile to left, seated; repr. (as halftone) The Year’s Art 1888. Probably the basis for thumbnail sketch repr. ‘The Pictures of 1892’, Pall Mall Gazette ‘Extra’, no.62, 2 May 1892, p.15, ‘Portraits of the RAs and ARAs’.

publ. 1890
Photograph by Brown, Barnes & Bell, Liverpool, half-length to right, in tweed jacket and white necktie; prints colls RIBA L., London, RIBA5918; and Liverpool Record Office. Repr. Building News, 3 Jan. 1890.

Photograph by unidentified photographer, head-and-shoulders to right; priv. coll. Repr. Cunningham & Waterhouse 1992, frontispiece.

Photograph by unidentified photographer, head-and-shoulders to left; repr. in article on Waterhouse, Darlington Times, 15 Mar. 1952 (cutting RIBA L., London).

publ. 1892
Platinum print by Ralph Winwood Robinson, half-length, near profile to right, seated at desk with plan; NPG x7396. Repr. Robinson [1892].

Photograph by unidentified photographer, whole-length, seated at centre of office staff assembled for Waterhouse’s 70th birthday; priv. coll. Repr. Cunningham & Waterhouse 1992, fig.160.

publ. 1905
Photograph by Russell, head-and-shoulders to left; repr. as halftone (head in roundel), Black & White, 26 Aug. 1905, p.282 (obits; cutting BM, London).

1) Formerly decorating Barcombe Cottage, Fallowfield, Waterhouse’s home in Manchester, built in 1858 and altered 1863 (Waterhouse married in 1860).

Carol Blackett-Ord