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Early Victorian Portraits Catalogue

Alfred, Count D'Orsay (1801-1852), Amateur artist and man of fashion

Several portraits of D'Orsay were included in Lady Blessintgon's Sale, Phillips, 7-26 May 1849; the only recorded copy of the catalogue is in the Wallace Collection.

As a youth
Painting by an unknown artist. Lady Blessington's Sale (lot 984).

Painting called D'Orsay by J. Ferneley (on horseback, in Hyde Park). Tooth Galleries, 1936.
Reproduced S. Sitwell, Conversation Pieces, 1936, plate 115.

Painting by J. Stevens. Collection of the Duke of Portland.
Possibly the portrait by Stevens in Lady Blessington's Sale (lot 976).

Painting by Sir G. Hayter. Hayter Sale, Christie's, 21 April 1871 (lot 567), bought Lord Carrington.

Lithograph by R. J. Lane, published J. Mitchell (example in NPG).

Plaster statuette by J. P. Dantan. Collection of the Marquess of Londonderry.
Exhibited English Caricature, Burlington Fine Arts Club, London, 1931-2 (202). See also J. Seligman, Figures of Fun, 1957, p 141.

Engraving by D. Maclise, published Fraser's Magazine, X (December 1834), facing 645, as no. 55 of Maclise's 'Gallery of Illustrious Literary Characters'. Studies for this were sold Christie's, 24 June 1870 (lots 27 and 28). Other drawings of D'Orsay by Maclise were in Lady Blessington's Sale (lots 1204, 1212, 1214 and 1215). One of these (1214), showing D'Orsay painting O'Connell, was apparently in the collection of the Earl of Strafford at Wrotham in 1938.

Painting by Sir F. Grant (on horseback). Lady Blessington's Sale (lot 1048).
Exhibited RA, 1836 (469). Listed in Grant's 'Sitters Book' (copy of original MS, NPG archives), under the year 1836, where an engraving after the equestrian portrait is also mentioned, presumably the engraving by F. C. Lewis (example in British Museum). The equestrian portrait of D'Orsay by Grant, formerly in the collection of Sir Richard Wallace, exhibited Bethnal Green, 1872 appears to have been an oil sketch, rather than the large picture itself (see L. Binyon, British Museum Catalogue of Drawings by British Artists, II, 1900, 239, and a letter from Sir James Mann, director of the Wallace Collection, 1949). The same or another oil sketch was sold, at Sotheby's, 4 December 1935 (lot 79). A pencil drawing is in the British Museum. Other portraits and sketches by Grant were in Lady Blessington's Sale (lots 617, 1014, 1016 and 1218). A portrait of D'Orsay, 'for a bust', is listed in Grant's 'Sitters Book', under 1848.

Drawing by J. Wood. Exhibited RA, 1838 (1050).

Painting by Sir G. Hayter. Sold Christie's, 7 December 1928 (lot 94).

Lithograph (with Bulwer-Lytton and Lady Blessington) by Sir E. Landseer (examples in Royal Collection and collection of the Duke of Buccleuch).

Drawing by R. J. Lane (NPG 4540).

Painting by J. Wood. Offered to the NPG by George Wood, on behalf of the artist's executors, 1870. Exhibited RA, 1841 (505). Sketched and recorded by G. Scharf, 1870, Sir George Scharf's Trustees' Sketch Books (NPG archives), XVII, 81. This, or another version of the portrait, is at Hughenden Manor.

Water-colour by A. E. Chalon. Exhibited RA, 1841 (628).
A drawing by Chalon was exhibited VE, 1892 (409).

Plaster bust by W. Behnes. Exhibited RA, 1843 (1519).
Either this, or the one below, is in the Royal Collection. A marble bust by Behnes was in Lady Blessington's Sale (lot 280).

Bust by W. Behnes. Exhibited RA, 1847 (1397).

Painting called D'Orsay by Sir E. Landseer. Formerly in the collection of A. L. Isaacs.
Coloured reproduction in NPG.

Painting by Sir G. Hayter. Hayter Sale, Christie's, 21 April 1871 (lot 574), bought Radclyffe.

Water-colour by Aubry (on horseback). Lady Blessington's Sale (lot 672).
A drawing by Aubry is reproduced M. Sadleir, Blessington - D'Orsay: a Masquerade (1933), facing p 48.

Drawing by Wood (possibly J. Wood). Lady Blessington's Sale (lot 670).

Drawing by Sir E. Landseer (boxing with the artist). British Museum.
Exhibited Landseer Exhibition, RA, 1961 (169). Three drawings by Landseer were in Lady Blessington's Sale (lots 1182, 1187 and 1191).

Three drawings by J. Doyle. British Museum.

Two miniatures by unknown artists. Lady Blessington's Sale (lot 624).

Marble bust by himself. llchester Collection (on loan to NPG, 3548).
Exhibited Charles Dickens, Victoria and Albert Museum, 1970 (p 16). A bronze bust and a statuette by himself were in Lady Blessington's Sale (lots 194 and 196).

Marble bust by L. Bartolini. Lady Blessington's Sale (lot 261).

Anonymous lithograph (example in British Museum).

Two anonymous lithographs (on horseback, the other standing by a horse) (examples in NPG).

Painting attributed to Sir T. Lawrence. Formerly collection of the Countess of Strafford.

This extended catalogue entry is from the out-of-print National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: Richard Ormond, Early Victorian Portraits, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1973, and is as published then. For the most up-to-date details on individual Collection works, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text.