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William Powell Frith (1819-1909), Painter

Genre painter; born 8 January 1819 in Yorkshire. Trained at the Royal Academy Schools before a long exhibiting career 1838–1906; especially notable for multi-figure panoramas of Victorian social life such as Ramsgate Sands (RA 1854; Royal Coll.), Derby Day (RA 1858; Tate) and The Railway Station (RA 1862; RHUL); member of the Clique and friend of Charles Dickens; elected ARA 1845, RA 1853; married Isabella Baker 1845, Mary Alford 1881; died 2 November 1909, in London.

In later years, Frith was renowned for reactionary views on new art movements and even before his death his reputation fell drastically, recovering only in the late 20th century.

He was described as ‘The most popular and painstaking portrayer of English life and character, an indefatigable worker, wielding an essentially dramatic pencil’ and a man of genial disposition whose ‘buoyancy of spirit’ was unabated by age.[1] Of himself, Frith wrote: ‘I know very well that I never was, nor under any circumstances could have become, a great artist; but I am a very successful one.’[2]

Dr Jan Marsh

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