Later Victorian Portraits Catalogue

Walter Dendy Sadler (1854-1923), Genre painter

By other artists

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Charcoal and chalk drawing by unidentified artist: NPG 4405.

Crayon and paint drawing by Sydney Prior Hall; see NPG 4404.

Painting by John Shirley Fox; untraced. Exh. RA 1898 (784).

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reg. 1889
Photograph by Ralph Winwood Robinson, whole-length, three-quarter profile to left, seated, in studio with Darby & Joan (RA 1889) on the easel; reg. for copyright 1889 Aug. 20: National Archives (COPY 1/397/274, ‘Photograph of Dendy Sadler seated before easel palette in hand 3/4 face’); repr. Stephens 1895b, p.193.

before 1893
Photograph by unidentified photographer, half-length to front, left arm resting on chairback; repr. The Year’s Art 1893, facing p.104.

publ. 1896
Photograph by Brown, Barnes & Bell, Baker St, three-quarter-length, profile to right, seated on Morris & Co. chair, holding dog on lap; repr. Woodruffe 1896, p.265; and Sotheby’s, 25 Nov. 2004, fig.1 (where mistakenly credited to AJ, 1896).

Photograph by unidentified photographer, head-and-shoulders to front, with wire spectacles and large moustache; repr. The Times, 14 Nov. 1923, p.18.

Dr Jan Marsh