Later Victorian Portraits Catalogue

Charles Francis Annesley Voysey (1857-1941), Architect and designer

Architect and designer; born 28 May 1857 near Hull, son of a controversial clergyman. Trained with architects John Pollard Seddon and George Devey but made initial reputation with wallpaper and textile designs, before becoming known 1890–1914 for medium-size ‘country cottage’ houses that pioneered a distinctive and influential arts-and-crafts style; active in Art Workers Guild 1884–1904, elected master 1924; after 1920 his practice dwindled, but despite his opposition to its principles he was elected fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects 1924 and gold medallist 1940; died 12 February 1941, at Winchester.

Voysey was a short man with sandy hair and very blue eyes, who prided himself on his resemblance to John Wesley, a maternal ancestor. [1] Temperamentally he was aloof and somewhat intimidating – ‘clean and prim and gentle, but of firm disposition’. [2]

Dr Jan Marsh

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