Later Victorian Portraits Catalogue

Nathaniel Louis Cohen (1846-1913), Philanthropist and pioneer of the Labour Exchange movement

Paintings, drawings, sculptures and prints

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Caricature drawing by Francis Carruthers Gould, whole-length to left, seated, reading, on roof of cab driven by father Louis Cohen, with two brothers; untraced.
Lithograph after Gould (captioned ‘How doth the little busy C. improve each shining hour / And gathers honey all the day both for himself and flower’); impressions colls Jewish M., London, AR 690 and JM 942; and Alfred Rubens (1971). Exh. Anglo Jewish Art and History, V&A, London, 1956 (392, where dated c.1870); repr. Bermant 1971, fig.12, between pp.178–9.

exh. 1893
Painting by Andrew Carrick Gow; untraced. Exh. RA 1893 (280). See below, ‘Undated portrait’.

Oil on canvas by Fred Roe; see NPG 4123. Study for item below.

Oil on canvas, 1473 x 2388mm, by Fred Roe, A City Banquet: Mr Justice Swinfen Eady replies for the Visitors, head-and-shoulders, facing front, seated second from right in group of ten diners; presented to Clothworkers’ Company, London, 1921, destroyed night of 10/11 May 1941. Exh. RA 1911 (222); repr. as halftone by André & Sleigh, Cassell’s RA Pictures 1911, p.125; ref. Roe 1978, p.34.
See also Hacker, Herkomer.

Possible portraits

Drawing by unidentified artist, Prince of Wales laying foundation stone of Queen’s Hall, People’s Palace, Mile End Road, London, attended by notables, 28 June 1886; untraced. Repr. as wood engr. Graphic, 3 July 1886, p.1; and Moss & Saville 1985, p.25, fig.35. Cohen was chairman of the fundraisers for the People’s Palace and would have been prominent among the notables.

Drawing by unidentified artist, whole-length to right, standing in group on podium, second to right of Prince of Wales; untraced. Repr. as wood-engr. ILN, 17 Dec. 1887, p.699 (captioned ‘The Prince of Wales opening the Apprentices’ Exhibition at the People’s Palace: reading the address in the Queen’s Hall’ [10 Dec.1887]). Cohen was deputy chairman of the Apprentices’ Exhibition.

Undated portrait
Oil on canvas by unidentified artist, half-length to left, head three-quarters to left, seated in damask-covered armchair, hands clasped on lap; priv. coll. This may be the portrait by Gow (see above ‘exh. 1893’).

Photographback to top

publ. 1907
Photograph by Elliott & Fry, head-and-shoulders, slightly to left; repr. as halftone, in roundel, on page of portraits of newly elected Municipal Reformers on London County Council, ILN, 9 Mar. 1907, p.369.

Carol Blackett-Ord