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Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon (1827-1891), Artist and women's rights activist; benefactor of Girton College, Cambridge

Artist and women’s activist; born 8 April 1827, at Whatlington, near Robertsbridge, Sussex, eldest of five children of radical MP Benjamin Smith and Anne Longden, milliner. Progressively educated and enjoyed independent income from 1848; attended Bedford Ladies’ College 1849, ambitious to be professional painter; travelled and exhibited 1850–81, while actively promoting women’s rights; published A Brief Summary of the Laws in England concerning Women: together with a few observations thereon (1854); campaigned to reform married women’s property laws; helped establish Society for Female Artists 1857; married French physician and scholar Eugène Bodichon 1857, afterwards living partly in Algiers; visited America 1857–8; petitioned Royal Academy to admit women students 1859; founder member of (women-only) Kensington Society 1865, for which wrote Reasons for the Enfranchisement of Women (1866); with Emily Davies planned foundation of Girton College, Cambridge, as a women’s college – her benefactions to that institution totalled £16,000; partly disabled by stroke 1877; widowed 1885; died 11 June 1891 at Scalands Gate, Robertsbridge.

Bodichon wrote in 1857:

I am one of the cracked people of the world, and I like to herd with the cracked such as A.M.H. [Anna Mary Howitt] and B.R.P. [Bessie Raynor Parkes (Mrs Louis Belloc)], queer Americans, democrats, socialists, artists, poor devils or angels; and am never happy in an English genteel family life. I try to do it like other people but I long always to be off on some wild adventure, or long to lecture on a tub in St. Giles, or go to see the Mormons, or ride off into the interior on horseback alone and leave the world for a month … I want to see what sort of world this God’s world is. [1]

Friendship with Anna Mary Howitt led to contacts with the Pre-Raphaelites. In 1853 Dante Gabriel Rossetti wrote of Bodichon to Christina Rossetti: ‘Ah! if you were only like Miss Barbara Smith, a young lady I meet at the Howitts’, blessed with large rations of tin [money], fat, enthusiasm, & golden hair, who thinks nothing of climbing up a mountain in breeches or wading through a stream in none, in the sacred name of pigment.’ [2]

William Michael Rossetti wrote:

Through the Howitts I became acquainted with Miss Barbara Leigh Smith, afterwards Mrs. Bodichon, a lady of handsome fortune for whom I entertained and have always preserved the most cordial regard. She was indeed one of the most excellent women I have ever known: lavish in beneficence, untiring in her exertions for the advancement of her sex. She was a great promoter, perhaps the foundress, of Girton College. […] Her manner was replete with energy and heartiness: no woman could be freer from those small femininities which make for affectation. To be frank, straightforward, unprejudiced, generous minded, was a passport to her esteem; there was none other. [3]

Carol Blackett-Ord

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