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Sir Frederic William Burton (1816-1900), Watercolour painter and Director of the National Gallery

Painter, and Director of the National Gallery; born 8 April 1816, in Co. Clare, Ireland. Studied privately in Dublin; exh. Royal Hibernian Academy 1832–61; toured Connemara, Aran Islands and Bavaria, where he then became curator of royal collection 1851–6; from 1858 lived in London where he was elected to the Old Water Colour Society; his portraits of Helena Faucit and George Eliot (NPG 669) are among his best-known works; in 1874 exchanged painting for administration when appointed to the National Gallery, where he made some notable acquisitions, including Leonardo’s Madonna of the Rocks; knighted 1884, retired 1894; died 16 March 1900, in Kensington; buried in Dublin.

‘Burton’s handsome features, his peculiar distinction of manner, and great intelligence gave him [in youth] a distinguished place in Dublin society.’ [1] In later years, ‘proud reserve was the dominant note of his character’. [2] According to one obituary, ‘In spite of the fact that his right arm and hand were rendered useless by an accident in childhood, his bearing was distinguished and dignified, while his grand head, of the purest Greek type, was an index of the noble nature within.’ [3] Although ‘few had greater charm in society and none formed more sincere and lasting friendships, yet he was a reticent man and loved solitude’. [4] To W.G. Strickland, he was also ‘often abrupt in his manner and impatient with strangers’. [5] To Augusta Gregory, he was ‘the most fiery and independent of [NG] Directors’. [6]

Dr Jan Marsh

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