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Sir Richard Francis Burton (1821-1890), Explorer and writer

Traveller, explorer, translator and junior diplomat; born 19 March 1821, in Torquay, Devon. Served in Indian Army from 1842, studying languages and cultures; with support from Royal Geographical Society travelled to Mecca 1853, disguised as a Muslim pilgrim; explored Somali peninsula 1854–5, where he suffered severe facial wound; joined General Beatson’s irregular cavalry in the Crimean War 1855; travelled with John Hanning Speke on explorations in East Africa 1857–8; other trips to Canada, Utah and Panama; following marriage to Isabel Arundel 1861 obtained consular postings in West Africa, Brazil, Damascus and Trieste; published regularly on travels and interests, including swordsmanship and anthropology; in his last decade translated classic erotic works, including the Kama Sutra (1883), the Thousand and One Nights (1885–8), ‘the keystone of his literary reputation’[1] and The Perfumed Garden (1886); created KCMG 1886; died in Trieste on 20 October 1890, and buried in Mortlake, Surrey.

He is a very dark man, with a fierce and scowling eye, & a repulsive hard face; but exceedingly clever & amusing in conversation.[2]

Dr Jan Marsh

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