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Regency Portraits Catalogue

Thomas Campbell (1777-1844), Poet

Oil attributed to David Wilkie (identity doubtful), Sotheby’s 24 February 1950 (165), whole-length sitting at a window with a book, reproduced Lewis Campbell, Poems of Thomas Campbell, Golden Treasury series, 1904, then in the collection of Mrs James Keyden of Glasgow.

Chalk drawing by Lawrence in Scottish NPG, engraved by S. Freeman for The Monthly Mirror, May 1809, etc.

Oil painting by Northcote, Sotheby’s (Duchess of Northumberland sale) 19 March 1947 (130), identity doubtful.

Unfinished miniature by Cosway, Lady Frere collection, see Williamson Cosway, p 109.

Miniature by Raeburn, private collection Glasgow 1890.

Pencil drawing by John Henning (NPG 1429).

Wax head by John Henning the elder, location unknown (see E. J. Pyke, Dictionary of Wax Modellers, 1973, p 67).

Oil painting by Lawrence (NPG 198).

Oil painting by Thomas Phillips with John Murray, 50 Albermarle St, London; a copy of this was at Christie’s (Clumber House sale), 4 June 1937 (72), bought Agnew.

Oil painting by Richard Evans, RA 1819 (231), location unknown.

Marble bust by unknown sculptor in British Museum, incised: THOS CAMPBELL/ROME 1823.

Marble bust by Patrick MacDowell, exhibited RA 1826 (1021), location unknown.

Marble bust by E. H. Baily in Glasgow Art Gallery, and a copy (1828) in Glasgow University of which he was Rector three times 1826-9, engraved by Finden as frontispiece to Campbell’s Poetical Works, 1837; a copy dated 1827 was in the Crystal Palace Portrait Gallery (? plaster) and destroyed in the fire of 1936.

Oil painting (or drawing) by Maclise, RA, 1830 (592), location unknown but engraved by J. Jenkins for Jerdan’s National Portrait Gallery, 1832, vol.III.

Watercolour drawing by Maclise in V&A Museum (Box PD 71B) for an illustration in Fraser’s Magazine, I, 1830, p 714.

Watercolour drawing by Maclise in Scottish NPG purchased as a portrait of Campbell but now catalogued as ‘Unknown Man’ (exhibited ‘Daniel Maclise’, NPG, 1972 (34), reproduced in Catalogue).

Pencil drawing by Count D’Orsay (NPG 4026(10)).

Watercolour drawing by Maclise in V&A Museum, ‘sketched from life in 1833’ (exhibited ‘Daniel Maclise’, NPG, 1972 (39), reproduced in Catalogue).

Oil painting by T. C. Thompson, three-quarter-length seated in armchair holding a scroll of paper and gold chain (? as Rector of Glasgow University), exhibited RA 1834 (4) and Third Exhibition of National Portraits 1868 (256) lent by Octavian Blewitt; mezzotint by W. O. Geller 1847.

Medallic portrait by E. W. Wyon after Baily’s bust, engraved by A. Collas’s patent process and published in Collas and Chortley, The Authors of England, 1838, p 81.

Marble bust by Patric Park (Rupert Gunnis, Dictionary of British Sculptors 1660-1851, 1953, p 291).

Oil by Henry Room in Scottish NPG (11). An oil by Alexander Craig in Glasgow Art Gallery is similar to if not a derivation from the Henry Room.

Chalk drawing by Brockedon (NPG 2515(93)).

Marble statue by W. Calder Marshall exhibited RA 1849 (1213) ‘to be erected in Poets’ Corner, Westminster Abbey’ (cut in Illustrated London News, 17 August 1850, p 146); it was placed in the Abbey in 1855 (The Times, 7 March 1858, 11c and Art Journal, March 1858, p 88 with a large stipple engraving by W. H. Mote).

Bronze statue by J. G. Mossman in George Square, Glasgow, reproduced in Illustrated London News, 22 December 1877, p 605 (The Times, 29 December 1977, 9f and Thomas Somerville, George Square, Glasgow, and the lives of those whom its statues commemorate, c.1891, pp 147 and 265-6.

This extended catalogue entry is from the out-of-print National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: Richard Walker, Regency Portraits, National Portrait Gallery, 1985, and is as published then. For the most up-to-date details on individual Collection works, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text.