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Harry Furniss (1854-1925), Caricaturist

Caricaturist and illustrator; born 26 March 1854 in Wexford, Ireland. Largely self-taught as a draughtsman; worked for Illustrated London News from 1876 and then on Punch 1884–94 (chiefly on drawings of parliamentary figures), the Daily News 1896, and a host of independent ventures including two years in the nascent film industry in the USA 1912–13; back in Britain produced and appeared in some short movies; died 14 January 1925, in Hastings, Sussex.

Physically he was ‘a sturdy, stocky, ebullient man, smiling and self-confident’ with a bald head and well-groomed beard.[1] With a ‘jovial and friendly personality’ he was a gregarious clubman and raconteur known for entertaining, opinionated anecdotes.[2]

The NPG contains 268 of his rapid, expressive sketches of prominent men from the 1880s to 1900s, together with two late notebooks (NPG MS 43, 44) and a register of drawings c.1885–1917 (NPG MS 116).

Dr Jan Marsh

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