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Later Victorian Portraits Catalogue

Sir Francis Carruthers Gould ('F.C.G.') (1844-1925), Cartoonist and journalist

By other artists

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Watercolour by Liborio Prosperi (‘Lib’); see NPG 3278.

Watercolour by ?‘ELP’ (monogram), Our Special Artist, whole-length, standing, profile to left, bearded, wearing top hat, in front of easel with faintly sketched caricature inscribed ‘Suppressed’, to right a classical-style bust on plinth whose moustache may represent sitter full-face and hatless; coll. London Stock Exchange. Repr. Hennessy 2001, p.70.

Oil on canvas, 513 x 664mm, by Alexander Carruthers Gould, signed and dated, half-length, profile to right, seated at desk drawing in sketchbook, cigarette in left hand; Royal Albert Memorial M., Exeter, 46/1925/45.

Oil on canvas by Reginald G. Jennings, initialled, long half-length to left, full-face, left hand in jacket pocket, sheet of paper in right hand; coll. Gladstone L. Trustees, National Liberal Club, London (‘Presented by subscribers’).

Pen and ink caricature drawing, 176 x 112mm, by Max Beerbohm, profile, holding cigarette; U. of Texas at Austin, 1.7 65.224.5. Ref. Hart-Davis 1972, no.622, p.69.

Crayon sketch on sheet 322 x 222mm, by Max Beerbohm, head only with three others; U. of Texas at Austin, 1.39 65.224.44.

Crayon sketch on sheet 386 x 360mm, by Max Beerbohm, with eight other figures including Lord Curzon and Little Tich; U. of Texas at Austin, 5.16 65.224.76b.

Two pen and ink caricature drawings by L.J. Binns:
(a) signed by artist and inscr. by sitter ‘Yours very truly / FCarruthers Gould’, half-length behind table, drawing ?Japanese characters, Westminster Gazette to right; Billy Rose Theatre Coll., New York PL, Digital Gallery ID 1628843.
(b) initialled by artist and inscr. by sitter ‘FCarruthers Gould’, head-and-shoulders, full-face, no spectacles, spotted tie; Billy Rose Theatre Coll., New York PL, Digital Gallery ID 1628844.

Chalk drawing by Edmond Xavier Kapp; see NPG 3315.

Oil on canvas, 356 x 457mm, by Alexander Carruthers Gould; untraced. Mentioned in correspondence to the Gallery (NPG RP 3315), this does not seem to be the same work as that listed above, ‘1900’.

Photographsback to top

before 1897
Photograph by James Russell & Sons, head-and-shoulders, full-face, eyes to left, waxed moustache and large black-and-white checked tie. Engr. by AR Co. repr. The Year’s Art 1897, facing p.32.

before July 1898
Platinum print, 206 x 162mm, by (John) Benjamin Stone, signed and inscr. by sitter ‘F.Carruthers Gould / Westminster Gazette July 1898’, whole-length, standing holding hat and rolled umbrella, outside Members’ Entrance to Terrace, Houses of Parliament, Westminster; NPG x44686.

Half-plate neg., 158 x 113mm, by George Charles Beresford, head-and-shoulders, eyes looking to right; NPG x6508.

Platinum print, 154 x 109mm, by (Mary) Olive Edis (Mrs Galsworthy), three-quarter-length, seated, sketching at sloping desk to left, head towards camera; NPG x13811.

Bromide print, 149 x 100mm, by (Mary) Olive Edis (Mrs Galsworthy) and Katharine Legat (née Edis), three-quarter-length, standing to front, holding framed caricature; NPG x13812.

before 1906
Photograph by unidentified photographer, half-length to right, seated at desk, holding pen, sketches scattered around. Repr. with facsimile signature in Watson [1903].

before 1916
Bromide print, 200 x 145mm, by James Russell & Sons, half-length, standing, slightly turned to left, cigarette in mouth; NPG x166082. Repr. Vanity Fair, May 1916, p.74.

Dr Jan Marsh