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Early Georgian Portraits Catalogue

Thomas Gray (1716-1771), Classical scholar and poet

Poet, classical scholar; of humble origin, educated at Eton with Horace Walpole, [1] who became his life-long friend and with whom he toured the Continent, 1739-40; Ode on a distant Prospect of Eton College, published anonymously, 1747; Ode to Spring and On the Death of a Favourite Cat, 1748, in Dodsley's collections; Elegy in a Country Churchyard, published 1751; lived most of his life in Cambridge moving, 1765, on his appointment as professor of history and modern languages, from Peterhouse to Pembroke College.
Norton Nicholls, a close friend since Gray's student days, refers to the lightning of his eye, his 'folgorante sguardo'. William Cole records: 'His person was small, well put together, and latterly tending to plumpness ... I heard him say he never was across a horse's back in his life' ... he was 'very nice and exact' in his person and dress, 'most lively and agreeable in conversation, except apt to be too satirical and ... full of affectation'. [2]

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1) To be discussed in a subsequent volume under Orford, 4th Earl; see also C. Kingsley Adams and W. S. Lewis, 'Portraits of Horace Walpole', Walpole Society, XLII, 1970, pp 12-13.
2) The Works of Thomas Gray, ed. J. Mitford, 1835-43, V, p 5; I, pp c-ci.

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