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Francis Montague ('Frank') Holl (1845-1888), Painter; son of Francis Holl

Painter and illustrator; born 4 July 1845, in Kentish Town, London (called Frank to distinguish him from his father, engraver Francis Holl). Entered Royal Academy Schools 1861, gold medallist (historical painting) 1863; exh. RA 1864–88, initially as a subject painter and from 1879 increasingly as a portraitist, especially of men; worked at the Graphic 1872–83; elected ARA 1878, RA 1883; died of heart failure at home in Hampstead, aged 43, on 31 July 1888.

Together with fellow illustrators Luke Fildes and Hubert von Herkomer, Holl worked in a dark social-realist style.

So little did the art of Italy mean to my father that we find him disgusted after a few weeks, pining for the grey, cloud-laden skies of the North, the sombre habit and temper of his fellow-countrymen.[1]

If one seeks for the dominant trait in his character, I think it was, perhaps, his extreme simplicity and modesty, which showed itself particularly in his estimate of his own work. No recognition, however assured, made him content with his own efforts.[2]

I think that he really threw into his art all the passion and smouldering intensity which found so little outlet in his social relationships. He was reticent, chary of self-revealing speech, to an extraordinary degree.[3]

Carol Blackett-Ord

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