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William Holman Hunt (1827-1910), Pre-Raphaelite painter

Painter; born 2 April 1827, in London. Trained at Royal Academy Schools where met fellow-students with whom he formed Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood 1848; exhibition debut 1845; first major success with The Light of the World (RA 1854; Keble Coll., Oxford) and The Awakening Conscience (RA 1854; Tate); travelled to Egypt and Syria 1854–6, to Italy 1865–7 and to Jerusalem 1869–72, 1875–8 and 1892, building his reputation largely on scriptural subjects, solo exhibitions and engravings, which gained worldwide distribution; in 1865 married Fanny Waugh, sister-in-law of Thomas Woolner, who died in 1866, and ten years later married her sister Edith Waugh, against family wishes and English law, not repealed until 1907; although never elected RA, regarded as a doyen of the art world by 1880; in 1905 awarded the Order of Merit and published an influential two-volume account of his early career, recording PRB history; died 7 September 1910, in London; ashes buried at St Paul’s Cathedral; Hunt’s art plummeted in popularity during the twentieth century, but later revived and is now regarded as a major force in both Pre-Raphaelitism and High Victorian painting.[1]

In 1860 he was described as ‘a very genial, young-looking creature, with a large, square, yellow beard, clear laughing blue eyes, a nose with a merry little upward turn in it, dimples in the cheek, and the whole expression sunny and full of simple boyish happiness. His voice is most musical.’[2] Temperamentally, Hunt was a man of ‘dogged perseverance and patience’,[3] who placed principles above personal advancement; together with his travels and unconventional marriage, this led to some social and professional isolation, although many friends remained close.

Dr Jan Marsh

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