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Later Victorian Portraits Catalogue

Sir Coutts Lindsay, 2nd Bt (1824-1913), Artist; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery

Undated self-portrait
By other artists

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Oil on panel, 762 x 914mm, whole-length, full-face, seated in low chair before window, holding palette, easel to right, portfolio to left; Maas G., London, 2006. Exh. Grosvenor Gallery: A Palace of Art in Victorian England, Yale Center for British Art, Denver AM and Laing AG, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1996 (32); repr. The Times, 5 Oct. 1995; Casteras & Denney 1996, pl.5.

Undated self-portraitback to top

Medium unknown, signed and dated, half-length, nearly full-face, looking left, before window; untraced. Known from photograph when offered by widow ‘Lady Lindsay’ to NPG in 1913 (date not legible in photograph).

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Chalk drawing by Andrew Geddes, half-length, full-face; coll. Earl of Crawford and Balcarres, 2006.

Watercolour, 673 x 838mm, by George Richmond, drawn in Italy, whole-length, profile to left, seated with sketching block on knee in group portrait with sisters and brother; coll. Earl of Crawford and Balcarres, 2006. Presumably exh. as ‘Children of Colonel Lindsay’, RA 1840 (547). Ref. and repr. Surtees 1993, pp.9–10 and pl.1.

Oil on panel sketch by George Frederic Watts, head-and-shoulders to left; untraced; with Jeremy Maas, 1968. Ref. M.S.Watts, MS vol.ii, p.95, Watts G. Archive, Compton; NPG Archive, MS 189, ‘Album of photographs of portraits by G.F. Watts’ (where dated 1860–62). Repr. Casteras & Denney 1996, p.111, pl.61. It has been argued, variously, that this was a study for a head in the Lincoln’s Inn fresco Justice: A Hemicycle of Lawgivers (Surtees 1993, p.89) and that it was an independent, unfinished portrait (Casteras & Denney 1996, p.176 n.5).

Terracotta statuette by Joseph Edgar Boehm; untraced. Exh. RA 1869 (1297); London Int. Exh. 1873 (1871).

publ. 1877
Design by (Edward) Linley Sambourne for Welcome, Little Stranger! Or the R.A Cock of the Walk and the Bond Street Bird of (Art) Paradise, head included with others amongst the tail feathers of the RA bird; untraced. Repr. Punch, 12 May 1877, p.214; McMaster 2008, p.67, fig.10; McMaster 2009, p.31, fig.17.
See also Alma-Tadema, Calderon, Goodall, Horsley, Leighton, Marks, Millais, Orchardson, Sant.

Watercolour by Joseph Middleton Jopling; see NPG 2729.

Design by Harry Furniss for An Affair of Art, inscr. lower left ‘Harry Furniss’, full-length, second from front in a parade of dancing artists; untraced. Wood-engr. repr. Punch, 7 Aug. 1886, p.71; Judy, 8 Dec. 1886; Denker 1995, p.87 (ref. p. 86). See Gallatin 1918, p.63, no.208.
See also Leighton, Millais, Whistler.

Drawing by unidentified artist for Banquet to Sir Coutts Lindsay, head-and-shoulders, almost profile to left, wearing evening clothes, monocle and moustache, in oval vignette at top left-hand corner; untraced. Repr. Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, 31 Mar. 1888, p.74.
See also P.R. Morris, Whistler.

Drawing in coloured chalks, 578 x 476mm, by Robert Ponsonby Staples, signed, dated and inscr., head-and-shoulders, profile to left, against dark background; coll. Osmund Bullock (ref. Bonhams, 3 Oct. 2005 (199)). Exh. RSPP 1903 (94); repr. Davids 2000, no.90.

Photographsback to top

Photograph by unidentified photographer, whole-length, standing to front, profile to left, in ceremonial uniform beside wife Blanche; copy coll. Eastnor Castle, Herefordshire (Folio f.33v.).

?Ambrotype or carbon print, 200 x 153mm oval, by unidentified photographer (possibly Thomas Buist of St Andrews, Fife), three-quarter-length, standing, half-profile to right, wearing military-style cap and ulster cape, left hand raised, right hand on shoulder of Robert Adamson, head gardener at Balcarres, Fife; NPG Ax36075 (where inscr. identifies second sitter as Peter Drummond). Exh. People in Camera, NPG, London, 1979; repr. Ford & Porter 1979, p.32; Surtees 1993, pl.5 (where sitter's companion is identified as Adamson).

early 1860s
Albumen print, 201 x 157mm, by David Wilkie Wynfield, quarter-length, full-face, wearing armour; RA, London,03/6972. Repr. Surtees 1993, pl.8. See NPG collection P70–P100.

Albumen cartes-de-visite by Thomas Buist, Elie (East Neuk of Fife), September 1864, two poses:
(a) 103 x 61mm, whole-length, full-face, wearing velvet coat and waistcoat, pale trousers, knee boots, standing with his wife Blanche at Balcarres, Fife; colls NPG x8474; Earl of Crawford and Balcarres; Eastnor Castle, Herefordshire (Green Album, Folio 34v: c and Album 2, Folio f.33r). Repr. Surtees 1993, pl.10; Casteras & Denney 1996, no.6; Denney 2000, p.16; and MacCarthy 2011, pl.17.
(b) full-length, profile to right, seated by a staircase at Balcarres, with his wife; Eastnor Castle, Herefordshire (Green Album, Folio 34v: d and Album 2, Folio f.33r).

Three albumen prints by Julia Margaret Cameron taken at Little Holland House, Kensington, May 1865, three poses:
(a) see NPG P52.
(b) 246 x 195mm, quarter-length, full profile to left, shoulders wrapped in velvet cloak; reg. for copyright 1865 July 19: National Archives (COPY 1/9); prints in Lindsay Album, priv. coll.; Henry Taylor Album, Bodleian L., Oxford, 65. Repr. as halftone Hallé 1909, facing p.100; Cox & Ford 2003, no.708.
(c) oval 267 x 227mm, head only, profile to right, with tousled hair; inscr. recto ‘L.H.H.Lawn 1865 / Sir Coutts Lindsay’; Getty Center, Los Angeles, Overstone Album, 84.xz.186.97. Repr. Weaver 1986, no.75v, p.93; Cox & Ford 2003, no.709.

Albumen print, 192 x 137mm, pasted on to sheet 240 x 140mm torn from album, by unidentified photographer, half-length, seated, profile to right, with shaggy hair, moustache with curled end, and wearing overcoat with velvet collar, white shirt and necktie with pin; colls NPG x8473; Eastnor Castle, Herefordshire (Green Album, Folio 35r: a). The print is possibly by the 5th Earl Somers, amateur photographer and close friend of the sitter, who exhibited a portrait of Somers (RA 1868 (248)).

Photograph by unidentified photographer, taken at Beaulieu, Hants, whole-length, profile to right, standing outside building wearing hat and carrying tennis racket, with wife Blanche seated holding teacup; copy print, 242 x 168mm, coll. Hon. Mrs Brudenell, 2006. Repr. Surtees 1993, pl.20.

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