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William Morris (1834-1896), Poet, craftsman and socialist

Designer, author, and visionary socialist; born 24 March 1834, in Walthamstow, eldest surviving son of ten children of City financier. Educated Marlborough College 1848–51 and Exeter College, Oxford 1853, where met Edward Burne-Jones; married Jane Burden 1859, lived at Red House, Kent 1860–65; Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co. (‘the Firm’) founded 1861; wrote The Earthly Paradise (1868–70); took Kelmscott Manor, Glos. 1871 (jointly with Dante Gabriel Rossetti until 1874); the Firm dissolved and re-established as Morris & Co., with Morris as single owner, 1875, and Merton Abbey works started 1881; first secretary of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings 1877; founder member Socialist League 1885 and delegate at the International Socialist Congress in Paris 1889; left Socialist League and founded Hammersmith Socialist Society 1890 (wrote Joint Manifesto of English Socialists with George Bernard Shaw 1893); founded Kelmscott Press 1891, for which designed three typefaces; contributed to and directed the publications list until 1896, the year of the great Kelmscott Chaucer and of his death, quickened by exhaustion, at Kelmscott House, Hammersmith, on 3 October 1896. [1]

Burne-Jones wrote of the young Morris:

From the first I knew how different he was from all the men I had ever met. He talked with vehemence and sometimes with violence. I never knew him languid or tired. He was slight in figure in those days; his hair was dark brown and very thick, his nose straight, his eyes hazel-coloured, his mouth exceedingly delicate and beautiful. [2]

Henry James described Morris to his sister in March 1869:

[Morris] impressed me most agreeably. He is short, burly, corpulent, very careless and unfinished in his dress … He has a very loud voice and a nervous restless manner and a perfectly unaffected and business-like address. His talk indeed is wonderfully to the point and remarkable for clear good sense… He’s an extraordinary example, in short of a delicate sensitive genius and taste, saved by a perfectly healthy body and temper. [3]

Halliday Sparling (later secretary of the Kelmscott Press and Morris’s son-in-law), on Morris’s creative energy around 1887:

He would be standing at an easel or sitting with a sketchblock in front of him, charcoal, brush or pencil in hand, and all the while would be grumbling Homer’s Greek under his breath … the design coming through in clear unhesitating strokes. Then the note of the grumbling changed, for the turn of the English had come. He was translating the Odyssey at this time and he would prowl about the room, filling and lighting his pipe, halting to add a touch or two at one or other easel, still grumbling, go to his writing-table, snatch up his pen, and write furiously for a while – twenty, fifty, and hundred or more lines, as the case might be … the speed of his hand would gradually slacken, his eye would wander to an easel, a sketchblock, or to some one of the manuscripts in progress, and that would have its turn. There was something well-nigh terrifying to a youthful onlooker in the deliberate ease with which he interchanged so many forms of creative work, taking up each one exactly at the point at which he had laid it aside, and never halting to recapture the thread of his thought … [4]

The socialist politician Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham

liked the incongruities and eccentricities of the man. He liked his habit of grinding his teeth openly on the platform while waiting for the train at Earl’s Court, of throwing ill-cooked food out of the window, of weeping over a disappointment, of swearing like a trooper, of fidgeting like a child if forced to sit still, of permitting his great mane of hair and beard to bristle and his eyes to flame with actual fire if someone disagreed with him on Burne-Jones’s art, of beating his head against the wall, of biting the furniture, of tearing his tapestries, of pulling down his curtains. [5]

Carol Blackett-Ord

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Carol Blackett-Ord