Later Victorian Portraits Catalogue

Sir James Paget, 1st Bt (1814-1899), Surgeon

Paintings, drawings, sculptures and prints

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Pencil drawing, 200 x 140mm, by unidentified artist, indistinctly initialled lower right ‘WHN’ or ‘WHW’ and dated 1838, inscr. on back of mount ‘Portrait of (Sir) James Padget [sic] afterward President of the College / at the age of 24 / The gift of his great grandson, / Mr Anthony Thompson: 1958’, half-length profile to left, wearing dark coat and stock with light waistcoat and shirt; RCS England, RCSSC/P 187.

Drawing possibly by George Richmond, half-length profile to left, long sideboard curling down left cheek; untraced.
Soft-ground etching, 280 x 210mm, by Charles Holl; RCS England, RCSSC/P 2387, where described as ‘after George Richmond’.
Richmond’s otherwise exact diaries and account books contain no record of this work. Conjectural date by reference to Richmond’s portrait drawing of Lydia Paget, 1846.

Lithograph by Thomas Herbert Maguire, hand-coloured and mounted with facsimile signature, three-quarter-length to front, standing, wearing academic gown; publ. M. & N. Hanhart; copies colls NPG D39500; RCS England, RCSSC/P 2388; St Bartholomew’s H. M. & Archive, SBHX6/200; and Wellcome L., London, no.7564i (uncoloured). Ref. Burgess 1973, no.2203.1; repr. Paget 1901, facing p.120.
From the portrait series of eminent scientists and medical men produced by the artist (see also Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker NPG D35962, John Hunter NPG D36393, and Lyon Playfair NPG D40268).

Chalk drawing on paper by George Richmond; see NPG 1635.
Stipple engraving after Richmond by Charles Holl, with facsimile signature, dated 1874 from Richmond’s account book; copies colls NPG D20705; and Wellcome L., London.
This engraving was among those presented to the NPG by the Grillion’s Club in 1903 (see NPG Portrait Set 'Grillion's Club').

Oil by Sir John Everett Millais, signed and dated, three-quarter-length to front looking forward, standing wearing black frock coat and large brown tie, right hand resting on table with human femur, blackboard behind figure; St Bartholomew’s H. M. & Archive, SBHX7/37. Exh. RA 1872 (554); Grosvenor G., London, 1886 (103); RA Old Master Exh. 1898 (164); and Rome International Exh. 1911 (61).
Commissioned by pupils and friends to mark Paget’s baronetcy and formal retirement as surgeon at Bart’s, this shows him as lecturer in anatomy and pathology, with a human leg bone to hand; according to biographies the likeness 'shows signs of his recent recovery from blood poisoning' caught from a post-mortem (‘Paget, Sir James (1814–1899)’, Plarr’s Lives of the Fellows Online).
Oil on canvas copy, 1270 x 1000mm, after Millais by unidentified artist; Great Yarmouth Museums GRYEH.2005.71).
Mixed method engraving by Thomas Oldham Barlow after Millais; published by J. Brookes (‘ready for distribution’ (ILN, 14 May 1874)); copies colls NPG D8105; St Bartholomew’s H. M. & Archive, SBHX6/219; and Wellcome L., London, no.9989i RCS England, RCSSC/P 2386, five impressions. Exh. RA 1874 (1266); ref. Burgess 1973, no.2203.3.

Watercolour caricature by Alex Boswell; St Bartholomew’s H. M. & Archive, SBHX6/224.

Caricature watercolour on blue paper by Sir Leslie Ward (‘Spy’), whole-length profile to right, bent forward, wearing black and red academic gown, holding wire spectacles; Wellcome L., London, no.9990i. Repr. as chromolithograph Vanity Fair, 12 Feb. (Men of the Day No. CXXII, captioned ‘Surgery’); copy NPG D43731.

Oil on canvas by Alfred Preston Tilt, Baroness Burdett-Coutts’s garden party at Holly Lodge, Highgate, for the International Medical Congress, London 1881, signed ‘A.P.Tilt’ and dated 1882, half-profile to right, wearing top hat, far left among more than 80 figures in group portrait (no.3 in key), including Joseph Lister; Wellcome L., London, no.47362i, where ascribed collectively to three Tilt brothers: Arthur, Alfred and Archibald. Exh. Christie’s, 4 May 1922 (246), where entitled ‘A Garden Party at “Holly Lodge”’ and attr. A.P. Tilt; repr. with key to sitters Sakula 1982, figs. 2 & 3 (key).
The garden party took place 8 Aug. 1881. Four months later the following announcement was made: ‘Messrs Dickinson of Bond Street are painting a large group-picture of the garden party given by the Baroness Burdett-Coutts to the International Medical Congress in August last. The picture will contain about 100 of the leading visitors and presidents of sections. No doubt it will be engraved when completed’ (BMJ, 10 Dec. 1881, p.945). The group portrait was commissioned by Dickinson Brothers & Foster ‘on behalf of Baroness Burdett-Coutts, who wished to have a pictorial record of the historic event’ (Sakula 1982, p.187). No engraving appears to have been issued. [1]

Marble bust, 530mm high, by Joseph Edgar Boehm; RCS England, RCSSC/P 188; replica, 1887, Pathology M., St Bartholomew’s H., London. Exh. RA 1886 (1825); repr. Paget 1901, facing p. 326.

Oil by Henry Jamyn Brooks, Council of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, 1884–85, three-quarter-length to front, standing, ninth from left in group portrait; RCS England, RCSSC/P 201.

publ. 1894
Watercolour drawing by J. Walter Wilson, whole-length, standing, seventh from left in a group of 21 medical men variously seated and standing, including Joseph Lister; untraced. Repr. as half-tone, ILN, 27 Oct. 1894, pp.536–7 (double spread), captioned ‘Eminent Doctors’; copy RCP, 4959.

Oil on panel by Solomon Joseph Solomon, half-length profile to right, left arm resting along table, hand holding wineglass; Wellcome L., London, no.45769i. Exh. Solomon J. Solomon RA, Ben Uri AG, London, 1990 (13). Preparatory study for following work.
Oil painting by Solomon J. Solomon, group portrait variously titled An Octave for Mr Ernest Hart at Sir Henry Thompson’s House, [2] Your Health! and At Sir Henry Thompson’s House, half-length profile to right, seated second from left at dinner table with nine other men including Sir Anderson Critchett, a waiter standing in background; Wellcome L., London, no.45921i. Exh. RA Winter 1928 (as Your Health!); and Solomon J. Solomon RA, Ben Uri AG, London, 1990 (7); repr. Pery 1990, pl.7.

Thumbnail image in colour lithograph by Frederick Hager, The Past Surgeons and Physicians of St Bartholomew’s Hospital London, publ. Beynon & Co., head-and-shoulders vignette to front; copy Wellcome L., London, no.24684i. Presumably copied from a photograph, but too small to identify precisely which one.

Undated portraits
Design by unidentified artist, Sir James Lecturing to Students at St Bart’s, three-quarter-length standing in lecture room, blackboard with sketch of leg to right, casts of feet on tables to left, tiers of spectators beyond; untraced. Repr. McCallum 2014.

Oil on canvas by William Swainson, head-and-shoulders, half-profile to right, haggard appearance, wearing dark suit and wing collar; Wellcome L., London, no.45780i.

Etching by Andrew Watson Turnbull, initialled ‘AWT’ lower left, head-and-shoulders, half-profile to left, with side-whiskers, wearing loose-tied stock or cravat inside shirt collar; Wellcome L., London, no.7567i.
As Turnbull was born in 1874, he presumably worked from an earlier portrait or photograph; the one most similar to his etching is a small image by an unidentified photographer in the Wellcome L. (see below, ‘Photographs, ?late 1850s’).

Oil, 1070 x 765mm, by unidentified artist, half-length profile to right, seated with right arm across body, left hand to chin, wearing dark blue suit, table with books and papers to right, pose apparently copied from photograph by Jerrard (see below, ‘Photographs, c.1881’); Wellcome L., London, no.45783i.

Photographsback to top

Photograph by Maull & Polyblank, three-quarter-length slightly to left, standing right hand on chairback, wearing frock coat, white shirt and dark stock with horizontal knot; Wellcome L., London, no.13340i. Dated by comparison with NPG P106(3).

?late 1850s
Photograph by unidentified photographer, head-and-shoulders, half-profile to left, wearing wing-collar and cravat in tie-ring; prints colls Wellcome L., London, no.13343i, mounted with autograph letter bearing sitter’s signature; and MEPL, London, 10802523.

Photograph by unidentified photographer, half-length to right, looking to camera, right arm across body, wearing wing collar and bow tie; Wellcome L., London, no.13341i, inscr. with sitter signature and ‘1870’. Probably another print, St Bartholomew’s H. M. & Archive, SBHX81510.

Albumen print (slightly retouched) by Blas Rangel, head-and-shoulders vignette; NPG x134379, facsimile signature on mount; another print, attributed to London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company, Wellcome L., London, no.14956i). This image appears to have been used as the basis for a wood engraving by ‘ST’, publ. ILN, 14 Oct. 1871, p.369, where the accompanying text states: ‘The portrait is engraved from a photograph by Mr B. Rangel of Regent-street and Penmanmawr, North Wales’ (cutting Wellcome L., London, no.7566i).

Cabinet photograph by Barraud & Jerrard, half-length, half-profile to right, seated in upright chair, left arm across body, wearing dark suit, wing collar and large striped tie; print Wellcome L., London, no.14972i, with sitter’s signature on mount.

early to mid-1870s
Carbon cabinet card, 108 x 156mm, ‘Leaders in Medicine & Surgery’, by London Stereoscopic & Photographic Company, whole-length to right, in composite group with 182 other men, no.92 in key; NPG x197426; repr. as photogravure, 505 x 722mm, Wellcome L., London, no.45929i.
See also Burdon-Sanderson, Carter, Gull, Payne, Rolleston, Sharpey, Southey.

Photographs by George Jerrard, two known poses:
(a) half-length vignette, profile to right, right arm across body, left hand to cheek, wearing dark suit and white shirt; Wellcome L., London, no.13344i. The pose used for posthumous oil painting by unidentified artist (see above, ‘Paintings, drawings, sculptures and prints, Undated portraits’).
(b) oval vignette, head-and-shoulders, near profile to left, wearing wing collar and large tie; Wellcome L., London, no.13342i, where dated to 1881 with pasted heading ‘President of the Congress’. This is thought (Sakula 1982, p.188) to have been the basis for the image of Paget in A.P. Tilt’s group portrait (see above, ‘Paintings, drawings, sculptures and prints, 1882’).

Cabinet card by Herbert Rose Barraud, head-and-shoulders to left, wearing wing collar and dark tie; Wellcome L., London, no.13345i. Repr. as oval vignette wood engraving, ILN, 27 Mar. 1886, p.337; as rectangular engraving, ILN, 6 Jan. 1900.

Photograph by ?Barrauds Ltd; nearly whole-length profile to left, seated facing wife in sitting room at 5 Park Square West; St Bartholomew’s H. M. & Archive, SBHX10/1552. Repr. McCallum 2014.

1) The final event of the Congress took place at Crystal Palace, where delegates were entertained by a firework display that included ‘fire portraits’ of Paget, Jean-Martin Charcot and Bernard van Langenbach (Mac Cormac 1881, vol.1, p.187).
2) Octaves were dinner parties held by Sir Henry Thompson (1820–1904), professor of surgery at UCL, at 35 Wimpole Street, London, at which eight courses, accompanied by eight wines, were served at eight o’clock to eight guests in addition to the host and the guest of honour. The guest of honour depicted here, seated to the right of the mantelpiece, was Ernest Hart, editor of the BMJ.

Dr Jan Marsh