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Sir Henry Morton Stanley (1841-1904), Explorer and journalist

Explorer and journalist; born 28 January 1841 at Denbigh, Wales, where baptised John Rowlands. After troubled childhood, including eight years in workhouse at St Asaph, travelled to Liverpool and embarked as cabin-boy on American packet ship 1858;[1] in New Orleans adopted name Henry Morton Stanley (ostensibly after early benefactor); pursued a variety of occupations and enlisted on both sides in American Civil War before beginning career in journalism; special correspondent for New York Herald 1867, reporting on British Expedition to Abyssinia, followed by frequent reports from Europe and the Middle East;[2] from March 1871 led search (funded by the Herald) to ‘find’ David Livingstone, whom he encountered at Ujiji on the shores of Lake Tanganyika November 1871; returned to controversy and censure by Royal Geographical Society August 1872, though subsequently awarded its gold medal; wrote How I Found Livingstone in Central Africa (1872); led trans-African expedition November 1874 to August 1877, successfully solving remaining uncertainties concerning source of the Nile; wrote Through the Dark Continent (1878); returned to Congo August 1879 to September 1884 at the behest of King Leopold II of Belgium, establishing trading stations along the river and paving the way for the founding of Congo Free State; led Emin Pasha Relief Expedition to support besieged governor of equatorial Sudan March 1887 to December 1889; wrote In Darkest Africa (1890); returned to London April 1890 where heavily fêted with banquets and lectures; awarded RGS gold medal May 1890; married Dorothy Tennant at Westminster Abbey July 1890; in same year received honorary degrees from Cambridge, Oxford, Durham and Edinburgh universities; with wife’s encouragement, embarked on parliamentary career as Liberal Unionist candidate for North Lambeth, defeated June 1892 but elected July 1895; adopted a child he named Denzil (reputedly son of his first cousin) 1896; purchased Furze Hill, a mansion in Surrey, January 1899, where he spent the majority of his remaining years; knighted May 1899; died 19 May 1904 in London; buried in Pirbright, Surrey.

Dorothy Stanley wrote an effective description of her (future) husband’s appearance in middle-age:

His thick grey hair lies flat and smooth, rather thatch-like … near silver white; his thick throat supports a splendidly shaped head, broad … and well-developed.… His forehead is square, his eyes are very remarkable … they make you sincere, they demand of you your very self.… His mouth is partly concealed by a grizzly moustache … the nether lip is masterful and determined.… His face is somewhat marked by exposure to the sun, by fever, by responsibility, by anxiety.… His eyes look tender and sorrowful.… He uses his hands very much when talking.… What seized me when I first saw him … is his powerfulness.… Mother felt it also.[3]

Elizabeth Heath

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