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Early Georgian Portraits Catalogue

Laurence Sterne (1713-1768), Writer and divine; author of 'Tristram Shandy'

Author and divine; son of army lieutenant Roger Sterne; [1] attended Jesus College, Cambridge; held the living of Sutton, Yorks, and other church preferments, 1738-59, including prebendary of York Cathedral; married, 1741, Elizabeth Lumley [2] who suffered bouts of insanity; Tristram Shandy (vols I and II) published in York 1759 and London, 1760; carried on flirtation and correspondence, 1759, with Mlle Fourmantelle ('dear, dear Kitty'); visited London and well received in society; in the same year made perpetual curate of Coxwold naming his house there Shandy Hall; visited France, 1762-64; in England 1767, met and corresponded with Mrs Eliza Draper, the 'Bramine' [3] of Journal to Eliza; A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy, published 1768; died insolvent, of pleurisy, his wife and daughter aided through subscriptions collected by his life-long friend John Hall-Stevenson and by further publication of his sermons, 1769, and Letters of Yorick to Eliza, 1775.
Describing himself at work 'this 12th day of August 1766', Sterne writes: 'And here am I sitting ... in a purple jerkin and yellow pair of slippers, without either wig or cap on.' [4]

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1) The original of 'Uncle Toby'.
2) His courtship letters, 1739-46, used for first time ‘sentimental' to denote the tender emotions, Dictionary of National Biography, XVIII, p 1088.
3) An allusion to her Indian connections; MS of Journal in British Museum.
4) Letters of Laurence Sterne, ed. L. P. Curtis, 1935, p 285, note 2, citing Tristram Shandy, III, p 154.

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