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Dame Ellen Alice Terry (1847-1928), Actress

Actress; born 27 February 1847, in Coventry, Warwickshire, one of several siblings who pursued successful stage careers, including Marion Bessie, Kate and Fred Terry. Trained by her actor parents; début as Mamillius in Charles John Kean’s production of The Winter’s Tale at the Princess’s Theatre, London 1856, going on to perform various roles in London and provincial centres; married artist George Frederic Watts 1864, although the couple separated within a year; retired from stage again 1868 to live with architect and designer Edward William Godwin, with whom she had two children, Edith Ailsa Geraldine Craig and (Edward Henry) Gordon Craig; married actor Charles Kelly [Wardell] 1877 (separated 1881); joined Henry Irving’s company at the Lyceum Theatre 1878, and distinguished herself as leading Shakespearean actress, touring Britain and America and excelling as Ophelia (Hamlet, 1878), Portia (The Merchant of Venice, 1879) and Lady Macbeth (Macbeth, 1888) among others; significant non-Shakespearean parts included the title roles in Olivia (1885) and Nance Oldfield (1891), and as Margaret in Faust (1885); bought country home at Smallhythe, Kent 1900; married American actor James Carew in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1907 (separated 1910); continued to act into twentieth century, also appearing in a number of films; gave lecture tours and readings from Shakespeare in Britain, America, Australia and New Zealand; LL D 1922; Dame (DBE) 1925; died at Smallhythe 21 July 1928 following stroke and long period of deteriorating health.

Walford Graham Robertson wrote of Terry’s appearance

Her portraits will remain showing an appealing, arresting personality, a haunting glance, a grace of softly falling raiment, but no portrait can reflect the shadow of her beauty. Pale eyes, rather small and narrow, a broad nose slightly tilted at the tip, and wide mouth, a firm, large chin, pale hair, not decidedly golden, yet not brown – by no means a dazzling inventory of charms, yet out of these evolved Ellen Terry, the most beautiful woman of her time … Her charm held everyone, but I think pre-eminently those who loved pictures. She was par excellence the Painter’s Actress and appealed to the eye before the ear; her gesture and pose were eloquence itself. [1]

Elizabeth Heath

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1) Robertson 1931, p.54.

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