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George Frederic Watts (1817-1904), Painter and sculptor; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery

Painter and sculptor; born 23 February 1817, London; trained with William Behnes and at Royal Academy Schools 1835–7; prizewinner in the Westminster Palace Competitions 1842 and 1847; visited Italy 1843–7; painted a series of frescoes during the 1850s, including Justice at Lincoln’s Inn; settled at Little Holland House 1850–75; artist of large allegorical works and of the Hall of Fame portraits, conceived as a national record and presented to the National Portrait Gallery; considered the greatest British painter of his age; elected ARA January 1867, RA December 1867; declined baronetcy 1885 and 1894; OM 1902; married Ellen Terry 1864 (separated 1865), and secondly Mary Fraser-Tytler 1886; died 1 July 1904, in London.

Dr Jan Marsh

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Dr Jan Marsh