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Philip Speakman Webb (1831-1915), Architect

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Pencil caricature drawing by Edward Burne-Jones, inscr. with names and initials of sitters, whole-length to left, nude, reclining in a Turkish bath, with Luke Ionides and others; priv. coll. Repr. Sotheby’s, 29 June 1976 (212, ‘A Turkish Bath’).
See also Burne-Jones, Morris.

Pen and brown ink caricature drawing, 179 x 113mm, by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Rupes Topseia, c. July 1869, inscr. with title at bottom right, in row of thumbnail figures (William Morris’s business partners, including C.J. Faulkner and P.P. Marshall) in ruin above main image of Morris falling into hell from a precipice, preceded by his spectacles; BM, London, 1939,0513.7, from an album of 60 caricature drawings. Exh. Dante Gabriel Rossetti: Painter and Poet, RA, London, 1973 (274); Pre-Raphaelite Drawings, BM, London, 1994–5 (32); and William Morris, V&A, London, 1996 (D6); repr. Surtees 1971, vol.2, no.611, pl.445; MacCarthy 1994, pl.30; and Marsh 1998b, where dating is established. This caricature does not relate to the dissolution of the partnership in 1874–5, as previously conjectured.
See also Brown, Burne-Jones, W. Morris, Rossetti.

Sepia drawing by Charles Fairfax Murray, inscr. ‘PHILIP WEBB. ARCHITECT. C.F.MURRAY FEC’, head-and-shoulders to front; untraced. Repr. Lethaby 1935, frontispiece (when in collection of Sydney C. Cockerell); Henderson 1986, pl.20 (uncredited); Tilbrook 1986, p.40; and Kirk 2005, p.57 (without inscription, from photograph formerly in sitter’s collection).

Drawing by George Howard, 9th Earl of Carlisle, head, profile to right, looking down; Castle Howard. Repr. Dakers 1993, pl.22.

Ink wash drawing by Charles Fairfax Murray; see NPG 4310.

Chalks drawing, signed with monogram of Charles-Louis Geoffroi-Dechaumes but also attributed to Thomas M. Rooke, dated 26 July 1913, whole-length to left, seated reading in kitchen at home in Sussex, wearing tam-o’-shanter; untraced; formerly coll. J. Brandon-Jones. Repr. Lethaby 1935, facing p.221; and Kirk 2005, p.295.

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Photograph by unidentified photographer, whole-length, standing, wearing hat and cape, writing in notebook on site at Joldwynds, Surrey with Sir William Bowman, 1st Bt and four other men; repr. Kirk 2005, p.281 (full frame, but described as a detail from a print formerly in the sitter’s collection).

early 1900s
Photograph by unidentified photographer, whole-length, profil perdu to left, seated in garden at Caxtons, Sussex, reading or writing; repr. Lethaby 1935, facing p.212.

Half-plate glass negative images by Emery Walker, taken near Webb’s home in Sussex, three known poses, in each of which he wears a tam-o’-shanter (see also above, ‘1913’):
(a) whole-length, profile to right, face turned from camera, holding stick, with unidentified woman by picket fence; NPG x29688. Repr. Marsh 1998a, p.68; Kirk 2005, p.288 (detail).
(b) whole-length, profile to right, standing with unidentified woman on roadway; NPG x29689.
(c) three-quarter-length, profile to right, standing before iron railings; NPG x29696.

Dr Jan Marsh