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Thomas Woolner (1825-1892), Sculptor and poet

Sculptor; born 17 December 1825, at Hadleigh, Suffolk. Indentured aged twelve to painter Charles Behnes 1837; joined William Behnes, portrait sculptor, 1840; entered Royal Academy Schools 1842; exh. RA from 1843; met Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1847; founder member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood 1848; unfruitful gold prospecting in Australia 1852–4; his bust of Tennyson (1857; Trinity Coll., Cambridge) established him as a portrait sculptor; sitters – who were also friends – included Gladstone (1868, 1883), Browning (1856), Tennyson (1856, 1857, 1867, 1874, 1876) and Carlyle (1855, 1868); elected ARA 1871, RA 1874; professor of sculpture at RA 1877–8, and also teacher at Working Men’s College; died at his home, 29 Welbeck Street, London, on 7 October 1892, just a day after Tennyson.

Woolner in 1847:

He was then twenty-two years of age, broad-chested, square-shouldered, rather more set in form than usual at that time of a man’s life, robust, active, muscular, and with remarkably fine hands; his square-featured and noble face was set in roughly-cut, thick masses of brownish auburn hair, and under his full eyebrows vigorous, resolute and penetrating eyes glowed steadfastly while he looked at you. [1]

In the year 1848 Woolner went for a short time to Paris […]. The passport for this journey is still preserved and gives a strangely inaccurate description of his personal appearance, stating his eyes were blue: they were dark brown, his eyebrows and eyelashes were dark – his hair a beautiful chestnut colour.’ [2]

In middle life:

Woolner was of middle height, sturdily built, with a strong, animated look – dark eyes, rather short nose, and a fine crop of ginger-yellow hair. His manner was frank, decisive, self-confident, and full of warmth to persons whom he liked. […] His talk was somewhat varied, for he always took an interest in several matters outside the range of his art: it was entertaining, pointed, often incisive, and well stored with observation and reflection. He knew how to say a sharp thing sharply. […] He was a steady smoker; in other matters very moderate, or even abstemious. [3]

Carol Blackett-Ord

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