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Emilie Charlotte ('Lillie') Langtry (née Le Breton) (1853-1929), Actress and professional beauty

Professional beauty, actress and racehorse owner; born Emilie Le Breton, St Saviour’s, Jersey, 13 October 1853. Married Edward Langtry 1874; relationships with Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) 1877–80, Prince Louis Battenberg 1880–81 and Frederic Gebhard 1882–92; widowed 1897; married (Sir) Hugo de Bathe 1899, becoming Lady de Bathe 1907; London stage debut with Squire and Marie Bancroft’s company 1881; toured with own company in United States 1882–9, performing in UK until 1914; racehorse owner from 1889; died Monte Carlo, Monaco, 12 February 1929.

‘Possessing in a marked degree every feminine charm’, in the words of one professional colleague, ‘she was at the same time possessed of an iron will power, immense courage and a gift of instant decision.’ [1] According to Sir John Lavery, whom she met in 1889, [2] her charm included the ability to make him (and presumably others) ‘feel I was one of the most interesting people she had met for years’. [3]

Dr Jan Marsh

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