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A selection of portraits and images that include television sets, telephones, radios, recording and music devices, computers, mobile devices and computers.

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The Critics, by Edward Burra - NPG 6370

The Critics

by Edward Burra
ink, 1932
NPG 6370

Billy Butlin, by Sir David Low - NPG 5766

Billy Butlin

by Sir David Low
chalk, 1949 or before
NPG 5766

Hugh Cudlipp, Baron Cudlipp, by Henri Cartier-Bresson - NPG P432

Hugh Cudlipp, Baron Cudlipp

by Henri Cartier-Bresson
bromide print, 1961
NPG P432

Merlyn Evans, by Lord Snowdon - NPG P1948

Merlyn Evans

by Lord Snowdon
gelatin silver print, 10 July 1963
NPG P1948

George Melly, by Lord Snowdon - NPG P797(33)

George Melly

by Lord Snowdon
bromide print, 9 June 1964
NPG P797(33)

Algy Cluff, by Brian Griffin - NPG P406

Algy Cluff

by Brian Griffin
bromide print, 1977
NPG P406

Fleur Cowles Meyer, by Bern Schwartz - NPG P1156

Fleur Cowles Meyer

by Bern Schwartz
dye transfer print, 30 November 1977
NPG P1156

Clare Mary Francis, by Bern Schwartz - NPG P1170

Clare Mary Francis

by Bern Schwartz
dye transfer print, 1 July 1977
NPG P1170

Len Murray, by Arnold Newman - NPG P150(28)

Len Murray

by Arnold Newman
bromide print, 1978
NPG P150(28)

Enoch Powell, by Arnold Newman - NPG P150(32)

Enoch Powell

by Arnold Newman
bromide print, 1978
NPG P150(32)

Sir Harold Evans, by Lord Snowdon - NPG P1872

Sir Harold Evans

by Lord Snowdon
gelatin silver print, 3 April 1980
NPG P1872

Stella Gibbons, by John Hedgecoe - NPG P772

Stella Gibbons

by John Hedgecoe
bromide print, 1988
NPG P772

Michael Nyman, by Neil Drabble - NPG P661

Michael Nyman

by Neil Drabble
bromide fibre print, 1990
NPG P661

Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw (née Timpson), by Nick Sinclair - NPG P564(18)

Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw (née Timpson)

by Nick Sinclair
bromide print, 1993
NPG P564(18)

(Keith) Rupert Murdoch, by Sally Soames - NPG P646

(Keith) Rupert Murdoch

by Sally Soames
bromide print, 1998
NPG P646

Penelope Leach (née Balchin), by Julia Hedgecoe - NPG P751(14)

Penelope Leach (née Balchin)

by Julia Hedgecoe
bromide print, 13 May 1998
NPG P751(14)