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A selection of portraits and images that depict beds and bedrooms. See also: 'Lounging', 'Sleeping' (Activity), 'Death' and 'Known interiors' (Theme).

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Robert Falcon Scott, by Herbert George Ponting - NPG P23

Robert Falcon Scott

by Herbert George Ponting
carbon print, 7 October 1911

Sir John Clermont Witt, by Lord Snowdon - NPG P797(53)

Sir John Clermont Witt

by Lord Snowdon
bromide print, 10 December 1963
NPG P797(53)

Mary McCartney; Paul McCartney, by Linda McCartney - NPG P576

Mary McCartney; Paul McCartney

by Linda McCartney
platinum print, 1969
NPG P576

Agatha Christie; Sir Max Mallowan, by John Hedgecoe - NPG P771

Agatha Christie; Sir Max Mallowan

by John Hedgecoe
bromide print, 1969
NPG P771

Zandra Rhodes, by Bern Schwartz - NPG P1241

Zandra Rhodes

by Bern Schwartz
dye transfer print, 23 June 1977
NPG P1241

Isabel Colegate, by Sally Soames - NPG P639

Isabel Colegate

by Sally Soames
bromide print, 1988
NPG P639

Wendy Diane Savage (née Edwards), by Julia Hedgecoe - NPG P751(17)

Wendy Diane Savage (née Edwards)

by Julia Hedgecoe
bromide print, 1997
NPG P751(17)

John Randall Bratby, by Lord Snowdon - NPG P797(7)

John Randall Bratby

by Lord Snowdon
bromide print
NPG P797(7)