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A selection of portraits made in 1917 during the Great War.

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David Lloyd George, after Unknown photographer - NPG 4340

David Lloyd George

after Unknown photographer
oil on millboard, based on a work of circa 1917
NPG 4340

Sir William Pulteney Pulteney, by Philip Alexius de László - NPG 4236

Sir William Pulteney Pulteney

by Philip Alexius de László
oil on canvas, 1917
NPG 4236

Dame (Emma) Maud McCarthy, by Frank Salisbury - NPG 5831

Dame (Emma) Maud McCarthy

by Frank Salisbury
oil on canvas, 1917
On display in Room 31 at the National Portrait Gallery
NPG 5831

Josef Holbrooke, by Walter Benington - NPG P983

Josef Holbrooke

by Walter Benington
gelatin silver print, late 1910s
NPG P983

Edward Alexander ('Aleister') Crowley, by Leon Engers Kennedy - NPG 6630

Edward Alexander ('Aleister') Crowley

by Leon Engers Kennedy
oil on canvas, 1917-1918
NPG 6630

Sir James Mckenzie Davidson, by Olive Edis - NPG x11606

Sir James Mckenzie Davidson

by Olive Edis
platinotype on photographer's card mount, 1900-1917
NPG x11606

D.H. Lawrence, by Elliott & Fry - NPG x36138

D.H. Lawrence

by Elliott & Fry
bromide press print, circa 1915
NPG x36138

George Nicoll Barnes, by Walter Stoneman - NPG x163904

George Nicoll Barnes

by Walter Stoneman
bromide print, before 1917
NPG x163904