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A selection of portraits made in 1915 during the Great War.

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Charles Holden, by Francis Dodd - NPG 4173

Charles Holden

by Francis Dodd
etching, 1915
NPG 4173

Ambrose McEvoy, by Francis Derwent Wood - NPG 2958

Ambrose McEvoy

by Francis Derwent Wood
bronze bust, 1915
On display in Room 28 at the National Portrait Gallery
NPG 2958

A.A. Milne, by Harry Furniss - NPG 3494

A.A. Milne

by Harry Furniss
pen and ink, circa 1915-circa 1925
NPG 3494

Isaac Rosenberg, by Isaac Rosenberg - NPG 4129

Isaac Rosenberg

by Isaac Rosenberg
oil on panel, 1915
On display in Room 31 at the National Portrait Gallery
NPG 4129

David Garnett, by Vanessa Bell - NPG 6046

David Garnett

by Vanessa Bell
oil and gouache on cardboard, 1915
On display at The Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
NPG 6046

Isaac Rosenberg, by London Art Studios - NPG P230

Isaac Rosenberg

by London Art Studios
bromide print mounted on a postcard, circa 1915
NPG P230

Albert Ball, by Argent Archer - NPG P657

Albert Ball

by Argent Archer
carbon print, circa 1915
NPG P657

Ford Madox Ford, by E.O. Hoppé - NPG P706

Ford Madox Ford

by E.O. Hoppé
sepia-toned matte bromide print, circa 1915
NPG P706

Robert Malise Bowyer Nichols, by Malcolm Arbuthnot - NPG P785

Robert Malise Bowyer Nichols

by Malcolm Arbuthnot
platinotype mounted on photographer's card, circa 1915
NPG P785

Winston Churchill, by Ambrose McEvoy - NPG 6478

Winston Churchill

by Ambrose McEvoy
oil on canvas, 1919-1920
NPG 6478

Geoffrey William Algernon Howard, by H. Walter Barnett - NPG x45287

Geoffrey William Algernon Howard

by H. Walter Barnett
vintage bromide print, 1914-1915
NPG x45287

Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart, by H. Walter Barnett - NPG x45411

Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart

by H. Walter Barnett
vintage bromide print, 1914-1920
NPG x45411

Sir George Clausen, by Unknown photographer - NPG x6086

Sir George Clausen

by Unknown photographer
matte bromide print, 1915 or before
NPG x6086

James Beaumont Strachey, by Unknown photographer - NPG x24010

James Beaumont Strachey

by Unknown photographer
vintage snapshot print, circa 1915
NPG x24010

Bernard Partridge, by E.O. Hoppé - NPG x4170

Bernard Partridge

by E.O. Hoppé
bromide print, 1915
NPG x4170

Ganga Singh, Maharaja of Bikaner, by Vandyk - NPG x74764

Ganga Singh, Maharaja of Bikaner

by Vandyk
12 x 10 inch glass plate negative, 9 January 1915
NPG x74764

Dame Clara Ellen Butt, by Bassano Ltd - NPG x16500

Dame Clara Ellen Butt

by Bassano Ltd
whole-plate glass negative, 10 May 1915
NPG x16500