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Etched prints.

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Thomas Patch, by Thomas Patch - NPG 6913

Thomas Patch

by Thomas Patch
etching, late 1760s
On display in the Room 10 miniature case at the National Portrait Gallery
NPG 6913

Thomas Augustine Arne, after Francesco Bartolozzi - NPG 1130

Thomas Augustine Arne

after Francesco Bartolozzi
hand-coloured etching, 1770-1782, based on a work of circa 1770
NPG 1130

Sir David Dundas, by Robert Dighton - NPG 982d

Sir David Dundas

by Robert Dighton
coloured etching, 1810
NPG 982d

John Keate, by Richard Dighton - NPG 1116

John Keate

by Richard Dighton
etching, circa 1815-1816
NPG 1116

Richard Dadd, by Richard Dadd - NPG 5181

Richard Dadd

by Richard Dadd
etching (reverse pose), 1841
NPG 5181

Richard Cockle Lucas, by Richard Cockle Lucas - NPG 1651b

Richard Cockle Lucas

by Richard Cockle Lucas
etching, pen and wash, 1858
NPG 1651b

Lucien Pissarro, by Camille Pissarro - NPG 4103

Lucien Pissarro

by Camille Pissarro
etching, 1890
NPG 4103

Wyndham Lewis, by Augustus John - NPG 6066

Wyndham Lewis

by Augustus John
etching, circa 1903
NPG 6066

Sir Emery Walker, by William Strang - NPG 5977

Sir Emery Walker

by William Strang
etching, 1906
NPG 5977

William Booth, by Francis Dodd - NPG 1783a

William Booth

by Francis Dodd
etching, 1907
NPG 1783a

W.B. Yeats, by Augustus John - NPG 3061

W.B. Yeats

by Augustus John
etching, 1907
NPG 3061

John Masefield, by William Strang - NPG 4568

John Masefield

by William Strang
etching, 1912
NPG 4568

John Edward Redmond, by John George Day - NPG 2916a

John Edward Redmond

by John George Day
etching, 1913
NPG 2916a

Bernard Howell Leach, by Bernard Howell Leach - NPG 6017

Bernard Howell Leach

by Bernard Howell Leach
etching and aquatint, 1914
NPG 6017

Charles Holden, by Francis Dodd - NPG 4173

Charles Holden

by Francis Dodd
etching, 1915
NPG 4173

Arthur Lionel Smith, by Francis Dodd - NPG 3996

Arthur Lionel Smith

by Francis Dodd
etching, 1915
NPG 3996

Charles Prestwich Scott, by Francis Dodd - NPG 3997

Charles Prestwich Scott

by Francis Dodd
etching, 1916
NPG 3997

Jimmy Wilde; Ted ('Kid') Lewis, by George Belcher - NPG 6219

Jimmy Wilde; Ted ('Kid') Lewis

by George Belcher
coloured etching, 1919
NPG 6219

George William Russell, by Marion E. Broadhead - NPG 5905

George William Russell

by Marion E. Broadhead
etching, 1920s?
NPG 5905

Leon Underwood, by Leon Underwood - NPG 6472

Leon Underwood

by Leon Underwood
etching, 1921
NPG 6472

Joseph Conrad, by Walter Tittle - NPG 2482

Joseph Conrad

by Walter Tittle
etching, 1924
NPG 2482

Sir Muirhead Bone, by Francis Dodd - NPG 3079

Sir Muirhead Bone

by Francis Dodd
etching (first state), 1931
NPG 3079

Sir Muirhead Bone, by Francis Dodd - NPG 3079a

Sir Muirhead Bone

by Francis Dodd
etching (second state), 1931
NPG 3079a

Edgar Holloway, by Edgar Holloway - NPG 6893

Edgar Holloway

by Edgar Holloway
etching, 1932
NPG 6893

Enoch Powell, by Hubert Andrew Freeth - NPG 6130

Enoch Powell

by Hubert Andrew Freeth
etching, 1937
NPG 6130

Sir Frank Brangwyn, by Arthur Henry Knighton-Hammond - NPG 4373

Sir Frank Brangwyn

by Arthur Henry Knighton-Hammond
etching, 1939
NPG 4373

Richard Hamilton, by David Hockney - NPG 5279

Richard Hamilton

by David Hockney
etching and aquatint, 1971
NPG 5279

David Hockney ('The Student - Homage to Picasso'), by David Hockney - NPG 5280

David Hockney ('The Student - Homage to Picasso')

by David Hockney
etching, 1973
On display in Room 41 at the National Portrait Gallery
NPG 5280

Terry Frost, by Terry Frost - NPG 6550

Terry Frost

by Terry Frost
etching, 1979
NPG 6550

Terry Frost, by Terry Frost - NPG 6551

Terry Frost

by Terry Frost
etching, 1980
NPG 6551

R.B. Kitaj, by Frank Auerbach - NPG 6558

R.B. Kitaj

by Frank Auerbach
etching, 1980
NPG 6558

Leon Kossoff, by Frank Auerbach - NPG 6553

Leon Kossoff

by Frank Auerbach
etching, 1980
NPG 6553

Joe Tilson, by Frank Auerbach - NPG 5467

Joe Tilson

by Frank Auerbach
etching, 1980
NPG 5467

Lucian Freud, by Frank Auerbach - NPG 5466

Lucian Freud

by Frank Auerbach
etching, 1981
NPG 5466

Frank Bruno, by Tom Wood - NPG 6566

Frank Bruno

by Tom Wood
coloured etching, 1983
NPG 6566