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Portraits commissioned by the Gallery from first prize winners of the annual Portrait Award.

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Lord David Cecil, by Emma Sergeant - NPG 5503

Lord David Cecil

by Emma Sergeant
oil on panel, 1982
NPG 5503

Laurence Olivier, by Emma Sergeant - NPG 5502

Laurence Olivier

by Emma Sergeant
oil on panel, 1982
NPG 5502

Paul McCartney, by Humphrey Ocean - NPG 5695

Paul McCartney

by Humphrey Ocean
oil on canvas, 1983
NPG 5695

Julian Bream, by Michael Taylor - NPG 5747

Julian Bream

by Michael Taylor
oil on canvas, 1984
NPG 5747

Sir Robin Day, by Rosemary Beaton - NPG 5750

Sir Robin Day

by Rosemary Beaton
oil on canvas, 1985
NPG 5750

Basil Hume, by Jeff Stultiens - NPG 5930

Basil Hume

by Jeff Stultiens
oil on canvas, 1986-1987
NPG 5930

Sir Alan Ayckbourn, by Allan Ramsay - NPG 6074

Sir Alan Ayckbourn

by Allan Ramsay
oil on canvas, 1989
NPG 6074

Frederick Sanger, by Paula MacArthur - NPG 6151

Frederick Sanger

by Paula MacArthur
oil on canvas, 1991
NPG 6151

John Mortimer, by Tai-Shan Schierenberg - NPG 6160

John Mortimer

by Tai-Shan Schierenberg
oil on canvas, 1992
NPG 6160

Harold Pinter, by Justin Mortimer - NPG 6185

Harold Pinter

by Justin Mortimer
oil on canvas, 1992
NPG 6185

Sir Anthony Dowell, by Philip Harris - NPG 6331

Sir Anthony Dowell

by Philip Harris
oil on canvas, 1995
NPG 6331

Sir Kazuo Ishiguro, by Peter Edwards - NPG 6332

Sir Kazuo Ishiguro

by Peter Edwards
oil on canvas, 1995
NPG 6332

Helen Mirren, by Ishbel Myerscough - NPG 6415

Helen Mirren

by Ishbel Myerscough
oil on board, 1997
NPG 6415

Michael Caine, by James Hague - NPG 6411

Michael Caine

by James Hague
oil on board, 1998
NPG 6411

Paul Smith, by James Lloyd - NPG 6441

Paul Smith

by James Lloyd
oil on canvas, 1998
NPG 6441